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Oct 28, 2007 07:33 PM

Need a place in Dogtown or the Hill for small group

A few of us get together 3 or 4 times a year. We enjoy a few laughs , a couple of drinks, and food that's good and plentiful, not expensive but good. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Chuy Arzola's is a great place for some good "American" Mexican. They have some good happy hour specials as well (2 for 1 margaritas). There's also Olympia - Greek restaurant. Both of those were in dogtown. As far as the Hill goes, I've always liked Rigazzi's. It's not the very best Italian on the hill but it's good and it always tastes better after a "fishbowl" of Bud!

    1. Can you tell us in which city & state these neighborhoods are located?

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      1. A friend took his wife to Felix's Lounge for her 40th birthday. It is a combination lounge and restaurant, so it should be good for both drinks and dinner. My friend enjoyed it so much, he brought me a menu.

        1. Chuy's, Olympia and Rigazzi's are all good suggestions. Another one is Seamus McDaniels, a bar/restaurant that serves pretty decent food. Good Italian salad and hamburgers. Other sandwiches and pastas too. It is near Chuy's in Dogtown.

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            that is a tough one...... pueblo solis- more south city, i guess than hill/dogtown.
            a lot of the restaurants i liked in the area have closed...i have been wanting to try aya sofia which is near ted drewes. we go to michaels bar and grill a lot for casual dinners but it is more of a bar. acero in maplewood is really good and would be fun for a group.
            there is that new piano bar in maplewood across from monarch called the jive and wail that is pretty fun as well.
            modestos is fun on the hill if you want spanish tapas.