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good lunch spot near arclight

Hi there!

my husband and I have taken a couple of days off to explore our new area. we are nes to LA. We plan on seeing a movie tomorrow at the arclight and would like to hav elunch beforehand. Any recs?????

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  1. Fabiolus Cafe is close and not too expensive

    Los Balcones de Peru for Peruvian

    Katsuya just went in

    Bowery (sweet potato fries :-)

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      Please DON'T settle on the cafe inside the ArcLight. It's really terrible. There are a couple of decent appetizers that you can order at the bar.....but that's about it.

    2. we always make a trip to The Hungry Cat when we go to the arclight, however I think they are not open for lunch on Mondays. I would recommend Square One for a late breakfast or lunch.... http://www.squareonedining.com/

      1. Agree with the above posters but Fab's can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Magnolia is also good if you want to try a real "LA" vibe place. Recommend the scallops and flank steak.

        6266 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

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          My one lunch at Magnolia was truly awful. Very cute waiter and a good martini, but terrible food, also the two tables on either side of me sent their food back.

        2. I really like Off Vine - it's tucked away in a converted house right around the corner from the Arclight parking garage. It's very cute, garden setting with great salads and sandwiches.

          1. HUNGRY CAT
            HUNGRY CAT
            HUNGRY CAT

            Have a cocktail for me!

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              only tuesday to friday are they open for lunch!

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                Thanks for the heads-up Emme.
                I've never tried to go on a Monday.
                Hmmm, where to go, where to go...

            2. definitely ditto on the hungry cat rec. fabiolus cafe was gross last time we went - it was mid-summer and i had a salald - my tomato was hard, bland, and pale and the corn was from a can. off vine is nice and has a relaxing garden setting. you could always do kabuki for sushi -specials at lunch and the fish is always very fresh. it's not a temple of japanese cuisine though - you could try sushi ike but i think it isn't open at lunch.

              also numero uno just south of fountain on vine is good for pupusas/mexican.

              1. Citizen Smith on Cahuenga is less frantic for lunch than dinner. Hungry Cat would have been your best bet. Magnolia or Bowery pretty ok too. I had the worst experience at Off Vine so would rate that a big MISS.

                1. Recently went to Csardas on Melrose, just west of Vine. It's hearty, hungarian food, but the lunch deals are great. Regular dinner menu for about half the cost. It's a lot of food and very good.

                  1. how about EAT on Sunset? They changed their menu a few months ago. It was pretty good when I was there. If you don't mind a little drive, Santa Fe on LaBrea is good. Also, the Griddle on Sunset/Fairfax.

                    1. I have to second Katsuya and Bowery:

                      Katsuya at Hollywood and Vine is fun for sushi and Japanese entrees. They have good lunch specials that mean it won't break the bank, and the servers are great. It's a sexy room, too.

                      Bowery has decent sandwiches and entrées - the burger's the real star there. It's great. So is their bread pudding.

                      I'm not wild about The Hungry Cat. I think it's overpriced for the molecular-sized portions - entrées at The Hungry Cat are the same size as starters elsewhere. Service can be slow as molasses in January and a bit... quirky: Our waitress kept moving my friend's silverware and napkin as if she was a naughty toddler. The room is also currently a construction site as they expand. Yeah, others adore it. It's not bad, but I don't think it's the as glorious as it's often made out to be. I definitely wouldn't go here if I had a showtime looming.

                      The Kabuki at Sunset and Vine isn't bad; it's one of the best ones in the chain, in fact.

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                        Aww...I really like Hungry Cat. And speaking of bread pudding, I think their chocolate bread pudding is fantastic. I've always thought the food there was top notch - although it does have a bit of the "small plates" thing going on even though the plates are meant to be a meal in and of themselves! Although it's a touch too late, for a good meal in the vicinity I'd say Ammo is worth considering. And they do serve lunch.