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Oct 28, 2007 07:08 PM

Next Iron Chef Episode 4

Other than the duplication of Top chef (I'm just going to give it to them that it was in production the same time and they didn't know), not a bad episode. Nice that it was 3 courses. Sorry because I know many of you love them and I do believe that he's an awesome chef but Besh really is awfully arrogant!

Anyway, go Michael! :) The salmon and venison looked great for airline food!

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  1. I hope someone can answer this. Didn't Besh say he let the Sabayon [sp?] set in the fridge overnight? I though this was to be done in 90 minutes, then presented. Maybe I missed something. Please let me know if I heard correctly or understood the rules correctly.
    Also, hate to see Sanchez go. This is a really tough end match

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    1. re: bookwormchef

      maybe in the fridge on the plane...they were concerned about chilling and reheating all items so maybe there was a time cut between the 90 mins and then the service

      1. re: bookwormchef

        When Alton Brown ran through the process for the food he went from cooking station, to blast chiller to holding fridge to fridge on the plane. So I think all of the food was prepared and then chilled before being transferred to the plane.

      2. This was BY FAR the best episode yet. I was surprised that Sanchez left before Cosentino, only because he seemed much more consistent. Cosentino is pretty obnoxious. I wish we had more of the judge's critiques because sometimes the way they edit it, it just seems ridiculously snarky. I know they do this for ratings, but it would be nice if we could see something other than Ruhlman making that awful face when he eats something. I know there had to be something in there that he liked. Also, I really really like Alton Brown, but does anyone else think that he's been portrayed as kind of a smarmy jerk? I mean he told Cosentino that his food was something like "barely passable" or some other such foolishness. It just seems that in order for the drama to be there, they are showing all of his arrogance and none of his humor.

        Go Michael Symon!!!!!!!!

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        1. re: foodiemom

          AB has been smarmy and snarky in every show where his opinion is required. he's just plain rude. he is much better as the wise cracking host (with the really badly scripted humor) on Good Eats or even Feasting on Asphalt. one cannot help but feel that mr brown's popularity directly effects his's a shame, when good tv hosts go bad.

          1. re: spinach

            Good Eats is his own show, which he (and associates) scripts and produces, with the primary purpose of being informative and entertaining instruction. I suspect that Asphalt is the closest we get to seeing him 'as he is', in a relatively unscripted situation (but still with a lot of editing).

            Here he is playing an entirely different role, that of a contest host who is pushing contestants, and who ultimately has to tell one of them that they flunked. When he delivers the verdict, he's conveying the judges' opinions. Quite likely his choice of words and delivery has been hashed out with the judges and producers. Who knows how many takes there have been. Plus the whole thing is heavily edited. We are not seeing anyone as they are in real life.


            1. re: paulj

              I still find this series borderline unwatchable-- was I the only one who noticed that the first appearance of actual foodstuffs came last night at the 22 minute mark? No recollection of anything they cooked except that there was venison involved somewhere along the line. And the preview/review bumpers-- same snippets repeated two or even three times. Argh! Let's see them cook, for chrissakes! This may be the worst production of any food reality show ever. If there's a real AB problem, it's that there's more of him than the contestants-- the segment from 15-20 minutes was like a Good Eats ep-- all Alton walking in and out of different kitchens and storage areas. Really needs to be more footage of people cooking.

              1. re: alias wade

                Agree on the previews. At first I thought I had missed a previous show. Let's hope it doesn't become like other shows/channels where the teases at every break almost ruin any suprise..

          2. re: foodiemom

            the little conveyor-belt scene with AB was reminscent of Good Eats, I liked that. AB is not bothering me.

            I was a bit surprised that Cosentino stayed, I guess Sanchez' fish was worse than the crunchy cauliflower. I guess he didn't get the memo about no cruciferous veggies on planes (important to maintain air quality...)

            1. re: kenito799

              I kept asking myself if I really wanted to be stuck on a transatlantic flight, 40,000 feet up with a cabin full of people that had just eaten cauliflower. Raw, parcooked or mushy, it produces the same effect. It should have come with a side of Beano.

          3. I love Symon and I think he is really emerging as the guy to beat. It is obviously hard to tell with all the editing, but he seems to have a really playful attitude. Even when things go rough, he doesn't take himself very seriously, unlike the others. It seems like Besh considered himself the front-runner early on (rightly so, I think), but he his getting more frustrated given that Symon has won the last two challenges.

            I stil think there is way to much time spent on AB and the judges

            1. I still think that everyone is taking the trash talking of Besh and Brown too seriously and it is meant to be more tongue in cheek. In any event, Symon is also growing on me, although still think Besh should step up and win. My real question last night was that no one asked about his choice of venison for an airline meal!! There were all those questions about fish to Symon and Sanchez and NO ONE mentions that game is pretty far out of the mainstream, even for a cutting edge first class meal - maybe it ended up edited out?


                I just can't take it.

                Personalities are great, chefs have been humble and fun to watch. AB is a jerk but he's still entertaining. Decent challenges, esp last night even if they ripped off Top Chef.

                BUT the editing is miserable. No continuity in terms of watching a dish get put together. The first time we have any idea of what the dish is going to look like is the medium shot of it, framed, before the judges eat. And even the eating is over edited so we get no real sense of what the judges experience.

                So much potential, and I'll continue to watch it, (sigh), but so poorly executed.

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                1. re: lastingly

                  I thought it was funny that they ALL raced at exactly the same time with their carts as the clock expired. That had to be staged...seemed really fake.

                  1. re: rcburli

                    Ditto to both of you. Needs to be more tape of them actually cooking. The sprint to the finish was silly.

                    1. re: famedalupo

                      Food Network has really strayed where they're trying to add "entertainment" spots to shows that just come across as pointless and silly. These are 4 of the top chefs in the country and they wasted valuable air time showing them in a footrace through an airport terminal? Who the bloody hell wants to see that?

                      1. re: Bunson

                        Yeah, I loved the slow-motion replay of Besh sliding past the door .. what great drama!