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Oct 28, 2007 06:50 PM

Blue Hill, Picholine or Le Bernardin

Planning a 25th birthday for my foodie daugter. Which one would you recommend??
Or any other recs anywhere in Manhattan would be great.

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  1. If your daugher likes seafood, Le Bernadin is incredible. It is also one of the top rated restaurants by both the NYT's and also by Michelin. It might be a bit formal for her tastes if she is hoping for something more funky.

    1. I think a foodie would appreciate Picholine more than the others. The food is delicious, interesting and creative. It is one of very few restaurants where I come close to feeling I am dining in France. The food at Le Bernardin is too simple. The excuse is that they want the fresh flavors of the fish to shine through. I think this is nonsense. Fresh fish is not hard to come by. A high-end restaurant should be more creative. I have not been to Blue Hill but its menu looks more "comfort food" than creative high-end. The appetizers are just soups and salads. It is also much less expensive than the other two so I would not put it in quite the same category. I would also highly recommend Cru or Eleven Madison Park.

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        Blue Hill is all about the tasting menu. Absolutely not comfort food. It defines the "haute barnyard" movement in NYC. It is unlike the other restaurants the OP is considering, but is a great, creative, albeit lower-key-than-le-Bernadin experience for a foodie. For a younger person, it might be perfect.

        Other places you might consider: EMP, the Modern, WD-50.

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          Second the Modern. We just had a delicious dinner at The Modern in the Dining Room (posted a report). There have been some recent posts on the Bar Room (might be more scene-ish if OP's daughter is into that).

          Have not been to WD-50 (very mixed opinions). If location is also a consideration it's on the LES which can be fun.

      2. If le Bernadine is in the running then your price point is pretty high. I would strongly recommend Daniel as long as you are okay with a very high end atmosphere. This is our favorite restaurant in NYC.

        1. You simply must take her to Blue Hill. Picholine is good, but old. I've never been to LeBernadin but know that it's very very expensive. Blue Hill is no cheap date, but worth every penny.

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          1. re: Chef.KristeA

            There is no question in my mind that Blue Hill is probably one of the finest concepts in dining I have ever had the pleasure to discover.
            It is a small intimate walk-down place near Washington Square with no more than maybe 10 tables in the front and a menu that is so creative and organically healthy that I left there feeling really good.
            Young people usually are very hip when it comes to healthy dining these days and if your daughter happens to be one of those, she will appreciate the talent of the chef who really is innovative.
            Blue Hill is a winner.

            1. re: idia

              Love the intimacy and wonderful food at Wallse. Its also in a great neighborhood so you can have a nice stroll and go to a bar or nice coffee shop afterward. Of your choices, Le Bernardin. I actually like the Blue Hill in Westchester Cty better than the one in the city.