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Something blue...

I will be going to a color-themed dinner party next month and have been assigned the color blue. Does anyone have suggestions for recipes that are blue? Blueberries are an obvious choice, and I'd love to hear people's favorite blueberry-centered dishes, but would also be curious to hear other non-blueberry ideas as well. The dish could just contain some blue elements, but something that is actually a solid blue color would be a plus. It can be a dessert or any other meal component.

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  1. I have always wanted to make blue mashed potatoes. Blue food dye works great with white foods, and I love the idea of a mound of blue goodness on my plate!

    1. ummmm speaking of blue, i made a "Go Big Blue" cake for the Giants game today, and it was a horrible failure...it was a butter cake with blueberries, blueberry curd and cream cheese frosting

      it tasted good but looked awful, kinda like play doh with white glop all over it and dotted with dark blue crayon

      i DO NOT recommend dying butter cake with blue food coloring...not appetizing!

      but the blueberry curd was tasty :)

      1. I have read somewhere that the color blue is the most unappealing color for foods. If fact it's an appetite suppressant. Blueberries and a few blue potato varieties are it as far as natural blue foods go. Do most dishes on your menu have to be blue? Can you create a startling table setting using the color instead of making blue food? Good luck......

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          There isn't blue food, evidently. (Blueberries are actually more purple; same with those blue potatoes and even blue corn chips.) My dad said that he'd heard when he had the cafeteria that you shouldn't even use blue ink on signs that would be near food.

          That doesn't, however, explain the popularity of Blue Willow china or the Blue Plate Special...

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            In re: the unappealing aspect - I believe I read that Alfred Hitchcock once gave a party were every food was blue or dyed blue (more likely dyed) as an experiment with people's psyches.
            I do think the naturally "blue" (purple) foods are probably the best as far as taste goes, but maybe the OP can go for "blue" foods in the metaphoric way. Foods that have a reputation for being a little licentious, perhaps. Of course, taking into consideration the attendees at the dinner party and their sensibilities. Oyster dishes come to mind, as that's a fairly well known association.

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              (Clicked too soon..)

              Maybe an oyster chowder with peruvian blue potaoes?

          2. there are blue potatoes (flesh and skin), which I have made into mashed potatoes. technically, they taste the same, but they look all bruised, so therefore not appealing. and they were close to purple. blue corn tortilla chips are real blue, at least in my store. you could do a mixed potato salad, with blue, white and sweet potato.

            how about blue cuarcao for a cocktail? and for fake blue, there's blue jell-o.

            1. Pavlova. Colour the meringue with food colouring.

              Potato salad, with the boiled eggs dyed blue

              1. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, they do sell blue potato chips (made from the blue potatoes). They're ridged and are quite tasty. There's also blue tortilla chips. These and a couple of colorful dips could work.

                Or how about an appetizer made with bleu cheese?

                You could make cookies with just the blue M&M's

                Blue jello shots!

                Sounds like a fun party... I love doing theme parties. I'll have to keep this one in mind!

                1. blue cornmeal fried polenta rounds topped w/ eggplant tapenade (skin on of course)
                  edible flowers
                  curacao based cocktails

                    1. I like the blue mashed potatoes idea, the purple potatoes are available in our farmers market right now. Blueberries, blue curaco(blue hawaiian drinks) and blue jello (jello salad anyone?) are the only totally blue "foods" I can think of...except for blue M&Ms (good in cookies but wouldn't make for a totally blue dish)

                      Good luck, let us know how it turns out :)

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                        Come to think of it, isn't there a blue drink called Hurricane? Looks like windshield washing liquid. Probably tastes like it too.

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                          there's a blue drink called Windex, actually I think it's a shooter

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                            I like to put blue cream soda in Windex bottles. Lots o' larfs at work.

                      2. blue cheese shortbread....

                        1. I had a blue cornbread last week in the cafeteria of the National Museum of the American Indian. It was very blue!

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                            FYI, here is a picture of the blue cornbread + other items on the lunch tray. More purple blue upon inspection!

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                              Blue cornmeal cornbread is wonderful. All the blue cornmeal I've found is very finely ground, and the bread comes out like a fluffy cake, but with a very lovely earthy corn flavor. I usually like my cornbread coarse and crunchy, but this was pretty darned good.