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Oct 28, 2007 06:37 PM

San Diego Upscale for a group of 12

I'll be in San Diego (at the Sheraton Marina) for a conference in a month or so. Two years ago at the same conference a group of us went to Chive for dinner. It was a great time, and we thought we'd try something different this year, but with a similar urban, hip vibe, and good food and wine list.

It doesn't have to be in the Gaslamp district, but a short cab ride would be preferable to a long one. Is Market in Del Mar too far to consider?

Any suggestions are most welcome!

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  1. you need to define "too far" but Market is an excellent restaurant, well worthy of the trip

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      Yeah if it were just me, I'm sure I'd be willing, but corralling a fairly large group of conference weary types to sit for another 30 minutes in a cab may be too tall an order.

    2. Market will be roughly a 30 min cab ride north, without traffic. Great food, quietly hip vibe but you must decide if you want to schlep north.

      Cafe Chloe is near the Gaslamp district and very good. Vibe is European bistro. May want to call ahead to see if they'll take 12 of you b/c it's a tiny place.

      There are a few new places in Bankers' Hill and Hillcrest that might be worth considering--Bite, Avenue 5, Currant, Quarter Kitchen. There've been a few posts on these and they're waaay closer than Del Mar.

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        I wouldn't call Currant as being located in anyplace other than downtown (heck its on Broadway) but I would certainly recommend it

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          yeah, I knew Currant is downtown--just too spaced out from the fires to correct myself...

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            was there again for lunch today, really like the place

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              What did you have? Have they changed to a lunch/dinner menu, or is it still blended?

        2. Jack and Gulio's in Old Town is a great place to go with a group. People come from all over for their scampi and there veal valdostano is wonderful. A 10 min cab ride.

          1. We had several great meals at Island Prime/C Level and its down the street from the Sheraton Harbor Island and it was really good...
            Lobster bisque is outstanding and we had the ahi stack, crusted brie served with jalapeno jelly which was really good but ask for different bread since the crustini's are too hard...
            Mac n'cheese with black truffles and a small salad..were delicious.
            Entree's are huge and worth sharing...
            Great views to downtown and the bay and the best part of all is you can walk to the restaurant in 5 minutes.
            George's or Market are excellent choices if you are going to take a taxi that would be my choices.
            Have a wonderful time in SD!


            1. If you're willing to head up the Del Mar way you may want to look into BLANCA(hip / good food)...just a tad more north in Solana Beach

              If wanting something hip / URBAN / good food...try THE GUILD - Similar set up to Chive with smaller portions so that you can try more dishes...also has an upstairs room for bigger parties