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Oct 28, 2007 06:34 PM

Vosges ice cream at Whole Foods in Chandler (AZ)

I must be on a frozen dessert kick lately. But since so many people mention Vosges chocolates, and the ever-elusive bacon bar, I thought I'd just bring it to locals' attention that the new Whole Foods in Chandler, AZ carries pints of Vosges' ice cream.

They had the wattleseed, ancho, pandan, and curry/young coconut (which I bought). Pricey, oh yeah!!! But I guess the sale price of $5.99 (regularly $6.99) is cheaper than flying to a Vosges store in LA, Vegas, or Chicago.

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  1. Thanks for the info. The curry/coconut sounds interesting - have you tried it?

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    1. re: mamamia

      It's quite good, especially after letting it "warm up" a bit. Strangely, the flavor has licorice characteristics to it (to me anyway).

      By the way, they also carry another brand from California that sounds interesting. Flavors included lavender, saffron, etc.

    2. They put an addictive chemical in that chocolate, it is by far the best chocolate I've ever had! Loved the Barcelona bar with the salt, the one with curry, the bittersweet/chili.