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Oct 28, 2007 06:32 PM

Thai Dim Sum in Philly?

Just moved to the area and was wondering if any Thai restaurants in town do dim sum style brunches. One I used to go to in upstate New York was one of my favorite meals and I've been trying to find something similar without much luck. I'm really hoping to find one that's just Thai food and not a Chinese restaurant with a few Thai dishes thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Thai dim sum sounds interesting. Could you please describe what this is?

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    1. re: FoolForFood

      Oh, well its pretty much exatly what you would expect, dim sum at a thai restaurant. It has a specific name in thai but I'm drawing a total blank on it right now. Some of the things are similar to what you would find at a Chinese dim sum (various dumplings) but most of the dishes are specifically thai, lots of curry in puff pastry and shrimp in various fruit sauces and the like.

    2. There isn't a lot of thai restaurants in the city compared to vietnamese and chinese. Avoid the Vietnamese dim sum places cause they are a step down from the chinese ones in chinatown.