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Favorite Baked Potato Toppings?

I like the standard s & p, cheese, broccoli & sour cream.

My husband likes shrimp & marie rose sauce.

Anyone else?

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    1. Scoop out the flesh--fill with ff cottage cheese, salsa, and maybe a little low fat cheddar shreds

      I also like just plain ketchup... yes, I'm one of those.

      Crumbled bacon, chopped cooked onion, dill, and garlic was an ex's favorite...

      1. Crystal hot sauce and olive oil.

        1. Very well cooked black beans (almost falling apart) and fresh salsa with lots of cilantro.

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            I also love to put leftover Indian food in there - daal or chana masala work great; saag paneer is a fave; and that spicy okra thingie, too.

            I've used caponata when I have it, or that wonderful artichoke-fontina spread from President's Choice.

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              MMMMM. Indian food sounds yummy on a baked potato. The little potato chunks you get in so many indian dishes are always my favorite...should have thought of it sooner!

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                Agreed! A nice lentil curry is wonderful. I also love hummus, pesto, garlic aioli, any kind of salsa, corn relish with avocado, vegetable chili, even coleslaw.

              1. I like to cook off maybe 2 strips of bacon til crisp, saute finely diced cabbage and minced garlic in the fat until softened, then mix it with some strong cheese and the scooped-out flesh, then refill.

                1. I like Balsamic vinegar or herb-infused oils.

                  I love baked potatoes, but I'm trying to lose weight, so butter and dairy has been removed from my diet.

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                    Other low-cal options:

                    parmesan (a small amount of parmesan gives you a lot of flavor per calorie).

                    For a one-dish meal, I often do sausage, diced (or crumbled) and sauteed with some onions and/or garlic.

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                      I like cottage cheese as well... it also adds a protein benefit.

                  2. Salsa, or salsa and sour cream.

                    Actually, I also like tofutti sour cream too.

                    1. I like the classics: butter, cheddar, bacon, sour cream, green onions.

                      1. I love some fresh lemon juice and black pepper. The lemon juice makes the potato all creamy and tangy.

                        Cream cheese mushed in is also pretty darn good!

                        And my mom always made a cheese sauce with ham and scallions in it that she spooned over baked potatoes for dinner. I still make that recipe all the time when it's cold.

                        1. Mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and bleu cheese!

                          1. mmmmmm...my favorite way is chili (homemade, canned in a pinch), chopped onion, and shredded cheddar!!!


                            1. I've found a different way to make baked potatoes. They come out with a flavor somewhere between a baked potato and a roasted baked potato skin.

                              Basically you slice potatoes in half lenghtwise. Place them cut side down in a cast iron skillet that has cooking oil (or butter) just covering the pan bottom, with salt and pepper. Place in cold oven and bake for 45-minutes at 400F.

                              Iron Skillet Baked Potatoes

                              1. Butter, good salt and more butter. And then maybe a little more.

                                1. I love traditional butter and sour cream. After eating out the filling, I like apple sauce in the crisp skins. When I'm feeling healthy, I love good salsa.

                                  1. Not for a standard white potato, but for a baked yam or sweet potato, I love honey and granola. It makes a fantastic breakfast (nuke the potato while you shower) or snack.

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                                      Add a spoonful of Greek yogurt and you've got one of my faves.

                                    2. I think it would be great to make up a bunch of these and freeze them (maybe using the foodsaver!) for quick lunches and dinners. That will be my plan.

                                      1. buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, cheddar cheese

                                        1. I'm on a baked potato kick....so I loved this thread. Lot's of ideas to make it interesting!

                                          1. Some of my favorite topping combos:

                                            1. Ranch dressing with tobasco sauce

                                            2. Crumbled blue cheese with diced up spam

                                            3. Sea Salt and nutmeg

                                            4. Caramelized onions and relish

                                            1. Good old broccoli and cheddar cheese!

                                              That or just plain sour cream :)

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                                                and sour cream goes well with salsa.

                                                i forgot caramelized onion and roasted garlic w/ or w/o butter

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                                                  The cooks at my job the other day looked @ me like I was crazy when I was telling them about the broc & cheese combo!

                                                  I guess you'd never see that combo in Mexican cuisine : )
                                                  Which isn't a shocker, in this country (& others too of course) have some weird combos...

                                                2. classic sour cream and chives, bacon bits, and salt!

                                                  1. Non fat plain yogurt with minced fresh tarragon, thyme and marjoram.