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Oct 28, 2007 06:02 PM

good brunch in birmingham?

as someone new-ish to spending time in birmingham, i am looking for some different options for saturday and sunday brunch. my boyfriend and i always end up at cosmo's. while i *love* the bloody marys there and the food is pretty good, it's not fabulous by any stretch and the service there is getting to be ridiculous (read: annoyingly slow). does anyone out there have any recommendations? we just want a place with solid food, good brunch cocktails, and nothing terribly fancy. thanks!

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    1. re: rickcheese

      Ummmm, based on the Health Department rating they just got, I don't know if I'd try them right now. I'll eat at a place with a low 90's/high 80's rating, but 81 is just a bit too low for me.

      Open Door Cafe, 1115 Dunston Ave. (81). Food service personnel had personal drink while working (5 points); equipment and utensils not properly sanitized (5 points); toxic items not properly labeled or stored (4 points); non-food contact surfaces (inside of coolers and freezers) not clean (1 point); equipment and utensils not properly stored (1 point); walls not in good repair (2 points); latest health inspection report not properly posted (1 point).

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