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Oct 28, 2007 06:01 PM

Sony Centre (Hummingbird Centre)

I am taking my grandma to see a Saturday matinée at the Sony Centre. I am looking for a place to take her for lunch before hand. Criteria for Grandma is close distance (5 minute walk), good lighting (to be able to read the menu), not really loud, and not a huge menu (too much to read).
I was thinking possibly of Trevor, but I have never been and don't know if it would meet the criteria. Looking for advice on Trevor or other suggestions.

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  1. You might consider the restaurant in the Novotel hotel just around the corner. Very close, not loud, simple menu, good lighting. And good food.

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      If you wanna knock her socks off, Canoe is a lovely lunch with a great view. If you just want some delicious food, at a bit quicker of a pace, that will impress but not overly so, I'd suggest Biff's Bistro just downstairs from Canoe. Travel up the street a bit, and Bymark is another option (but a bit pricey) at approximately the same clip as Canoe.

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        Not sure about Bymark but Canoe is closed on the weekend. Isn't Biff's across the stree from the Hummingbird?
        JKWB Is not far away on church street.

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          Canoe is closed on weekends and is also not upstairs from Biff's. Biff's is on Front St. across from the theatre. Canoe is on Wellington, west of Bay St. in the financial district.

          Biff's is probably the best bet to please Grandma and they take reservations, which is a big bonus.

          1. re: TorontoJo

            Err.. I was taking a little bit of liberty there in terms of location. They are ridiculously close to one another.

            I was not aware that Canoe was closed on weekends, though.

      2. I'd say Le Papillon (south of Front, on Church) or Hot House Cafe (Northeast corner of Front/Church). For more options, please go here: I also heard of a lot of good things about JKWB.

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          Here are some other chowhound thoughts on Le Papillon:

          And let me also say that to add insult to injury, the chairs are incredibly uncomfortable!

          JKWB is great, but I'm concerned that grandma may not "get" the whole small plates thing. But maybe if the OP helps her order, it would be fine.

        2. I was at Trevor once for dinner, I recall it being quite loud and dim, as well as down a large-ish flight of stairs...might not be the place for gram's...what about Lucien?...are they doing lunch?

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            the noisiest restaurant that I have ever encountered.
            Go, only if you want to sit in silence.
            Too bad, as we quite enjoyed the food.

          2. Biff's across the street is the perfect granny place. Quiet, mild spicing, "normal" food, comfy chairs, yet a bit fancy in a traditional style.

            IMHO, avoid Le Papillon -- horrid food, worse chairs or Hot House Cafe unless she likes generic-to-the-extreme food.

            Trevor is a bit echoy (and can be loud) imho, esp for a granny.

            1. I don't think Biff's is open for lunch on Saturday. Here's their hours of operation page -

              4 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5J, CA