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Oct 28, 2007 06:00 PM

pumpkin pie?

where can i get a good pumpkin pie in the city?

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  1. Veniero's (East Village, 11th St near corner of 1st Ave) sometimes has good pumpkin pie from around this time of year through a few weeks after Thanksgiving. Five or 10 yrs ago, I would have said they serve the absolute best pumpkin pie in the world (well, excluding the one your grandma bakes). But things have changed in the past few years. The taste is inconsistent -- sometimes they're amazing; other times, they are just so-so. I think some of the inconsistency may be due to variability in the spice mix. Also, the crust of late can sometimes be too soggy.

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      Mitchell London on 65th and Madison has a good one. But I would call first, since they don't have it all the time.

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        I had a Veniero's pumpkin pie the other night, and I am sad to report that they are no longer recommendable. The crust was so soggy that it disintegrated with any attempt to take a slice from the pan, even when cold. The pie filling was bland - really not worth the calories.

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        1. I saw some nice looking ones in the window of Birdbath in the East Village...$28 for a pie, though, has anybody tried them before? I imagine that City Bakery has the exact same pies?

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            The place with "Build a Green Bakery" on the window?
            That's strange: when I asked how much they were last week, I was told $35 each.
            (Maybe $35 was for large and $28 for small? I've only seen one size on display in their window.)

            Of course, the counter guy assured me that they're delicious.
            Would like to hear if any hounds have actually had one of them.

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              I might be misremembering, as I was busy staring at the other baked goods.

              And yes, Birdbath aka Build a Green Bakery.

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            1. Little Pie Company and I'm not sure who bakes it, but last year I got an amazing one in the Amish Market on 44th (or 45th Street?)

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                Little Pie is just in from the corner of 43rd and 9th.

                Sarabeth's makes a wonderful pumpkin pie (on the pricey side, though) and you can get a good one at Zabar's.

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                  Your suggestions inspired me to continue looking for good pumpkin pie. Here's my take after a survey during the past few days.

                  Citarella - nicely crisp but flavorless crust; really unpleasant-tasting filling (had a chlorophyll sort of green taste, for lack of a better word - reminded me why I didn't like their pumpkin pie in the past)

                  Little Pie Company (14th St branch) - filling pretty good, not as spicy as I would like but still somewhat appealing; crust crisp at bottom of dish but slightly soggy right under the filling

                  Sarabeth's (Chelsea Market branch) - I had a pumpkin tartlet, rather than a pie, so it may not be a fair comparison - best crust of the bunch (crisp, flaky, and buttery); filling also good, but not quite as good as Little Pie Company's or Two Little Red Hens in a head-to-head match

                  Two Little Red Hens - nice firm and crumbly crust with a rather earthy flavor; good filling (this was a slice of their pumpkin pie, not their pumpkin mousse tart or pie, which I have not yet tried)

                  Zabar's didn't have any pumpkin pies left when I went by the other day; they said they should have some in next week for Thanksgiving.

                  Unfortunately, while I could enjoy another pumpkin pie from any of these (except Citarella), none of them could hold a candle to the pies they used to serve at Veniero's.

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                    Did you try MItchell London or Yura's yet?

                    I'm beginning to think I might as well make my own.