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Oct 28, 2007 05:18 PM

Where to celebrate our daughter b-day she is turning 1!

Hello Everyone
we just moved to NYC and our daughter is turning ONE! We would like to throw a party. Our place is too small. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of venues. It will be aprox 40 people, 20 adults and 20 kids, age range between 1 year and 8 years old. We prefer food and space and we don't want to do 1-2 hour party.. we prefer to have a longer party so everyone can enjoy!
Thank you for your responses!

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  1. If you want a longer party, a private room is probably the way to go. In order for Hounds to make appropriate suggestions, please give us a few more specifics. Cuisines? Neighborhood? Per person budget for food for adults?

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      Thank you for your response. We were thinking lunch, sandwiches, but really open to anything. We live in Battery Park City but are not tight to a location. I don't know about the prices here in NYC.. $ 25-30 per person would be enough to have decent B-day party? Also if I need to book an enternainment seperately, where do i find info who to book, clowns, magicians?
      I think I found a bakery in NYC through this website.. will go with either Billy's or Sweet Sunshine.
      Thanks again!

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        Last year's Best of NY had some great suggestions for kids birthday parties. One was the Milk and Cookies Bakery for a make-your-own cookie party...probably a little advanced for 1, but you also get milkshakes and those are fun at any age.

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          Hey, Butterfly123,

          Even if I had any suggestions for the sort of entertainment you're seeking, I don't think the moderators would approve posting that info. Perhaps, Google is your friend?

          For the party, you might contact Campanile, on 29th St., b/t Madison & Park Av. S. It's a wonderful neighborhood Italian restaurant with delicious food. No pizza for the kids, but there is spaghetti on the menu. There is a private room, but I've not seen it, so you'd have to ask if it can hold 40 people. You can certainly ask about bringing in entertainment and a birthday cake. The owner is friendly and accommodating, and I'm sure he'll work with you to put together a menu that meets your budget.

          Two other possibilities:

          Blue Smoke is on 27th St., b/t Lex & Park Av. S.. They don't have an enclosed private space, but the balcony area might be able to accommodate a group your size. If not, there's an area in the back on the street level that might work. For groups, they offer an ayce set menu (you choose from a list of selections) served family style. The website says 3 courses = $30pp. Again, ask about bringing in entertainment and a cake.

          Ellen's Stardust Diner, on the corner of B'way & 50th, has a retro-50's theme and in-house "entertainment," i.e., a singing waitstaff. I don't know if they have a private space, but the website says they have a group lunch package for $17.95. You'd have to see how they would feel about bringing in your own entertainment, as well as a birthday cake.

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            RGR is correct. The booking of entertainment is beyond the scope of what we do on Chowhound. The focus here is all about the food. Happy Birthday to your baby!