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Oct 28, 2007 04:19 PM

Trader Joe's

Will be in St.Louis this coming Wednesday one of my stops is trader joe's I've never been but heard so much about it, what do they have etc ect ect, my time is very limited as I have to leave the same day to drive back home is it worth a stop????Penzey's the hill and the german butcher shop are next, with my last stop being Costco my main reason for coming to St.louis, will I be coming across Neiman Marcus on the drives to the stores I mentioned .

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. yes I know costco is about 10 miles from my last stop,I have it maped out with google and mapquest,this is my yearly trip for costco and am coming with 3 coolers,I live in Arkansas about 70 miles to springfield where they have Sam's club,and it suck's.Costco is my store, am making it my last stop cause it look's like it's easier to get back on 44' plus don't wan't to have my meat in the cooler any longer than I have to, would have preferred the weather to stay cooler but alas one can't have everything.Thank's next trip will be for sightseeing.

    2. I'd stick to nuts and dried fruit at Trader Joe's, unless you like ready made sauces or want to transport frozen goods.

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        The only thing I religiously buy there are the Nature's Path Cereals. I eat Optimum Power every day for breakfast, and the raisin bran is the best I've ever had as well, as it stays crunch for a very long time in milk.

        Both are $2.50 per box, and they're up to $5 elsewhere.

      2. I'd say it's worth a stop, don't go in expecting to buy fresh produce, though. They have interesting stuff in every department. If you have room in your cooler, frozen cheesecake, tarte d'alsace, ice cream are usually better priced than competitors. Good cookies, cereals, fun stuff.

        1. Another thing Trader Joe's has is grade B maple syrup and alcohol-free pure vanilla extract, which can be hard to find in regular stores, if either of those interest you, then do get them there.