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Oct 28, 2007 03:57 PM

Chacarero- location and what's good

Have only been to the Chacarero near Filene's Basement which is closed now. I know they have one on Province street but do they also now have a location at 101 Arch Street??
What are your favorites there?? Thanks!
PS What time do they close???

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  1. They have plans to open at 101 where Azita and Osushi was..but nothing yet.

    I generally get the bbq beef/extra hot sauce..has string beans, avocado, muenster,roasted peppers.

    I'd guess they're open til 6-7 ish but I'd call first to double check.

    They mentioned to me once about a Sat opening when the new building across the street opens but that's a ways off.

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    1. I like the chicken with the works better than the beef.

      1. I walked by the Arch street location last week and there was construction going on inside with papered up windows, but definitely not open yet. They told me they expect to open there in about 2 months.

        I usually get BBQ chicken with extra hot sauce.

        1. They also have a beef empanada on a "special" board. Had to try, strictly for research..:).very good..and a rice pudding which I didn't try.