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Oct 28, 2007 03:56 PM

Perigee - when did they renovate?

So I've heard that Perigee now glassed in the kitchen? How come?
Is there any article / review / blog entry on the internet about it? Any pictures?

How does it look? Does anyone know why they did it?

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  1. I ate there about 6 weeks ago and we taked to the chef after our meal. He stated that it was a recent thing and mentioned that with the large kitchen vents and the old building it was hard to keep the dining room at a comfortable temperature with the vents sucking away the heat in the winter and the air con in the summer.

    Don't know if that was the only reason but that is what he had said.

    They are also now serving an al a carte menu as the tasting menu only format was elimating too many diners.