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Oct 28, 2007 03:46 PM

Pensacola Beach: Peg Leg Pete's

I'm in Pensacola Beach for a family wedding and a gang of us just had lunch at this spot on Pensacola Beach, Peg Leg Pete's. Very good oysters, on the half shell, fresh and briny.

In our party we also enjoyed the gumbo, the grilled dolphin sandwich, oyster po boy. Full complement of yummy-looking fried stuff, too. Friendly and brisk sevice, uber-casual, choice of indoor or outdoor seating.

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  1. I ate there back in 2000 when we passed through Pensacola on the way back from a Mardi Gras trip, and remember a wonderful meal of seafood and New Orleans-style specialties. Good stuff, at a really fun laid-back beach-style locale. I'd recommend it to anyone going to Pensacola.

    1. I always liked Peg Leg Pete's. I haven't been to P'cola since Ivan in 2004. I'm glad to know they rebuilt.

      1. What a great seafood place! Always a good meal! Never will forget the feeling though the first time friends took me there - the hokey name, the corny look of the place - I thought that it had to be an awful touristy beach disaster of a place. What a wonderful surprise.
        We never miss Peg Leg Pete's when we're in Pensacola.

        1. I *love* me some Peg Leg Pete's! It's always a must for me when I'm in the area. I will be next week, and my mouth is already watering for some scallops. It's also very family friendly with a playground on sand for the little ones. It's super hot during the middle of the day, though. Much better in the evening.