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Oct 28, 2007 03:00 PM

Canning salsa verde?

I'm overrun with tomatillos and am planning to make a ton of salsa verde. Does anyone have an idea whether it will can well? I've already put up a bunch of tomato (red) salsa. Is the method the same? Does salsa verde get all gloppy when it's canned, like it does in the fridge?

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  1. I believe it would need long term processing in a regular water-bath canner or pressure canner to be safe. Call your local county Extension Service Farm and Home advisor. They have master food preservers on call to answer these questions. I don't think the texture would suffer--after all, it is commercially canned.

    1. Your extension service also has safe, good-tasting recipes. I have used the salsa verde recipe state extension services post, and we love it (so has everyone else who's ever tried it). We're at nearly 5,000 feet, so it takes 20 minutes in the hot water bath, but if you live at a lower altitude, it's even faster. If you like the salsa hotter than the recipe, simply trade some of the milder chilies for hotter ones. Just don't exceed the total amount of chilies in the recipe, and the salsa will still be safe.

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          This is a good recipe! I have made it before....

        2. I've had great success canning salsa verde when I've had a bumper crop of tomatillos. I go the max for heat processing at 20 minutes. I don't find it gloppy - I just give the jar a shake before I open one because it does settle after sitting.

          1. as with origional post. . .I have a lot of tomatillos ripening at same time. I'm thinking of harvesting them all, chopping with onion, hot peppers, coriander, vinegar, and salt and canning. I dont want to process very long because I think the vinegar and salt will do the job,


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              You've got to be careful and get the right ratio of acid and tomatillos and onions. and process for 15 minutes. This recipe is canning safe: Sub in your coriander for the cumin.