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Oct 28, 2007 02:22 PM

Spanish Ingredients in Toronto

I'm hosting a Spanish themed dinner next week, where I'm making Paella for the 1st time; where can I find rice from Valencia? The paella pan is easy enough but would like to peruse a Spanish store. Centrally located would be best.

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    1. re: plavka

      Second Pasquale Brothers.
      That is where I got my paella pan (they have 3 sizes), bomba rice, Spanish olive oil and lots of other goodies.

      1. re: Mila

        I just called them and unfortunately the Bomba rice is on a boat and soon to arrive but not soon enough for me. It would have been great as I haven't been to their "new" location since they left King St. I was also ready to stock up on my San Marzano tomatoes.


        1. re: lightbulb

          I have a very vague fuzzy memory of seeing it at Shefflers at SLM.
          I'd call first... 416-364-2806

          Here a link to my absolute favourite tortilla

          And an old thread I remembered

          1. re: Mila

            Thanks Mila, your party sounded terriffic; I may borrow some of your ideas as our affair still needs rounding out. I sometimes think of SLM as my second home; if it wasn't Monday, I would have called Schefflers already and had already planned to pick up some Serrano ham from them.

    2. And if you're comfortable shopping online, you would certainly be able to find all that you need and more at -- which offers phenomenal (and quick) service to Canadian shoppers. I use them almost exclusively when I want authentic Spanish ingredients. Great place to buy from if you wanna go that route.

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        1. re: Bueno

          Thanks and although I have no problem ordering stuff on-line, I'm hopoing to find it locally to avoid the shipping charges.

      1. The Good Price Store in Kensigton Market area specializes in Spanish and Laitin American foods/ ingredients. Haven't been there in a while but I think they are still on Augusta just south of Baldwin St.

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        1. re: Finnegan

          Apparently they don't carry any Spanish rice.

        2. The rice guy in St. Lawrence market definitely has Bomba rice. If you are willing to pay a premium I have also seen it at Torito.

          1. I made paella for a crowd on the weekend. I usually buy the rice for it from the guy at St. Lawrence Market mentioned above -- Rube's. But they were out. The woman told me they weren't expecting a new shipment for a few weeks. Very frustrating as I didn't have time to shop around. I used arborio, which I've done in a pinch before, but it takes longer to cook and usually has me timing the seafood wrong. Ugh.

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            1. re: Helina

              Just back from both SLM and Pasquales'. Bomba was available and bought from Schefflers' @ an eyepopping $20kg (a sucker born every minute, eh). I went on to Pasquales' for my Paella pan; Pasquales apparently also supply Schefflers' and Rube with their Bomba. Unfortunately I need the rice for Saturday and Pasquales' container from Spain needs to clear customs, with contents (Bomba!) to be on shelf shortly.

              1. re: lightbulb

                Ohhh, brutal on that price. Have a great party !