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Oct 28, 2007 01:53 PM

spirited gourmet belmont

I was waiting for the traffic light on Common St. in Belmont today, and saw a sign for the Spirted Gourmet Fine Wines and Specialty Goods in an empty bank bldg. I went on their website, and saw that they have a Winchester store. Anyone been? Is this a positive thing, or an overpriced place? Couldn't find anything on the board.

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  1. I have been to the Winchester store numerous times and like it. Prices are about average though they do have a discounted section, and have discounts at each of their tastings. They have a good selection of wines and beers. They have a free beer tasting every Friday night, and a free wine tasting every Sat. afternoon (with usually 6-8 wines). Plus they sell lots of cheese and gourmet foods. Service is very good.

    The Belmont is tentatively scheduled to open Nov. 12

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    1. re: RichardA

      Thanks for the info. I'm excited now.

      1. re: bear

        Always nice to see one less bank in Belmont Center.... happy to have anything else.

        Aren't we a dry town, though? All the liquor stores that conveniently happen to be just across the border from Belmont (on virtually every major street) are going to suffer.

        1. re: tdaaa

          Belmont just recently changed and are allowing one or two liquor/wine stores to open.