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Oct 28, 2007 01:51 PM

Is Midori the only AYCE sushi in LA area?

I want to try other places but only know of Midori. Ive been to the Studio City one and the Sherman Oaks location. Both places seem to be run by Thai servers and they arent very friendly. Where else can i go for AYCE sushi? Please dont say Todai. Cheers!

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    1. Depends if you define OC as LA area -- we went to Sushi Shogun on State College in Anaheim the other night and it was $23 for AYCE for an hour. The sushi was actually quite good (warm-rice style, though, so if that's not OK, give it a miss) but the rolls all had that heinous orange sriracha-mayo sauce on it. Honestly, does EVERYTHING need it?

      But, like I said, the sushi itself was quite tasty.

      1. Banzai Beach Hermosa beach on MOnday Nights. 21 bucks or so...they do it to order, and if you've been to California Beach's AYCE Monday nights (before it closed a few years ago), its the same basic setup and menu minus the loud scene and the Phil Collins "In the Air of the Night" theme songs playing every 1/2 hour. Its on Hermosa Ave, a block South of Pier Ave or so.....

        I like it, its a fun time and its good they have hot food on the menu....too bad they didn't carry over the deep fried octopus though. :(

        Bonzai Beach
        934 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

        1. I recently went, for my first time, to the Midori in Sherman Oaks. From what I remember, we had a Japanese waitress and I don't actually remember any Thai people there.. Not that it should matter what their waiters and waitresses are. It is Sherman Oaks after all, not exactly a Japanese community near it.

          Anyways, I loved it. Here was my review stolen from my xanga:

          Yes, that was the full name of this little sushi restaurant in Sherman Oaks. If that's not screaming "Come in for cheap, not quite sushi grade fish and giant balls of rice under your nigiri!" then I don't know what does. It took several reccomendations and gentle prodding from Frank every weekend before I agreed to go there last night. I've had made to order, all you can eat sushi before and while I thought it was decently good for the price, I concluded that I'd just rather pay the premium without being wary of what I got and being ticked off by the giant amout of rice they use w/ their sushi so that you wouldn't eat as much.

          "They don't use lots of rice and their fish is fresh," was Kat's general reply to my misgivings about the place. I still remained a bit critical even on our drive over there. I figured I haven't had a good sushi dinner in a month or two so that I might as well give it a try. So we hauled our butts to Midori w/ grumbling stomachs. I wanted to go in w/ an empty stomach so just in case the food wasn't that good, I wouldn't be that picky and could eat the food, even if it was just to satiate hunger.

          Midori is located in a smallish, ratty, strip mall with a rather cheezy looking sign. Their clientle is mainly white and Mexican w/ a smattering of some kind of Asian. Well, this is Sherman Oaks--it isn't exactly Little Tokyo--let's not let it speak for their food yet. Upon walking in (with our reservations and other guests already seated and waiting for us) past the crowds waiting for a table outside, I was pleasantly surprised. The ambiance was perfect for a good beer (or two big bottles of sakae in our case) and some sushi. Low lighting, good noise level even w/ the restaurant packed, and cute Japanesey izakaya kind of decor.

          Some guests had already ordered the yellow tuna collar. Oh, I love fish collar, but I've been to izakayas that have somehow managed to dry it out to a flakey gross crust so I opted out of ordering it--for now. Kat and Justin ordered once and I had a small taste of theirs--it was then that I knew I needed my own order. Tender, sweet and delicious--not the best I've had, but definetly in the top 5 (I went on a fish collar binge last year and ordered it wherever I could). The rest was pretty much history. We had everything from ono (king mackerel) to hamachi (yellowtail) to good ol' salmon. The fish was super fresh and rivaled several dinners I've had where I've paid much much more. Their nigiri was more "exotic" than other places, but their additions to it like a little seasame oil on top w/ some green onion made it quite special in a very very good way. Frank and I had several orders of the ono. In comparison to one of my favorites,Sushi-Ken here in Torrance, I'd say it would be a good competition. But in the end, I'm more about going back to the roots. Sushi-Ken is more minimalistic. It doesn't decorate it's food w/ a little dash of green onion or sesame oil, but it doesn't need to. Their fish is always fresh (otherwise they'll let you know it's not on the menu that night) and the sushi rice is all business. Frank said some of the sushi rice he had was "weird", but I'm not sure what he was talking about. It didn't stike me as "weird" or super good--it didn't really strike me as anything. It was decent sushi rice, but for $25/person I should really just shut up and tell people to go try it out. Trust me, trust me, trust me, it's worth the drive.

          13905 Ventura Blvd
          Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
          (818) 789-1188

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          1. re: mstinawu

            For an alternative try:

            Light N Healthy in West L.A-AYCE as you order with the chef
            or my favorite
            SUSHI INN in Chatsworth-AYCE as you order with the chef

            both better then Midori

            1. re: Hypnotic23

              Light N Healthy's been closed for years, I thought. It closed when I still lived on the Westside... and it wasn't very good sushi anyway.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Light n Healthy belied its name when it was open. Certainly seemed anything but healthy given the very fishy smell that each piece of sushi I tried on our one visit there exhibited.

                That same space is now:

          2. imo, midori may be the best in breed when it comes to ayce sushi in la. a couple other places that i can think of are:

            - acashi: in studio city: imo, midori is better
            - fuzen: in beverlywood: heard about on CH but have not been
            - otami: in palms/culver city: heard about on CH but have not been

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            1. re: wilafur

              do any of these places offer shabu shabu also? we used to go to a great place in brentwood that has now changed hands or is closed (I leave on the other side of town now). It was called Todai. They did a mean AYCE along with shabu shabu, salad buffet, tempura, fresh fruit and crepes for dessert! It was great since I have a kid that loves unagi and a bf that is nuts about kobe beef.

              1. re: foodforus

                not sure about teh shabu shabu.

                todai? you mean to-die? disgusting.

                1. re: foodforus

                  That particular Todai (which did indeed have shabu shabu) closed and is now Sushi Sasabune.