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Oct 28, 2007 01:35 PM

Where to Get Decent Fruitcake?

I'm writing a piece on fruitcake and where to get both pre-made cakes and ingredients in Toronto. I'm looking for good ones, not the doorstop versions that people gripe about and then stuff in the freezer. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. One of A Kind's winter show is also a good source. Last year I sampled from many vendors and there were some excellent ones made with dried fruit (not glacee fruit) and nuts. Those kinds are excellent with cheese!

      1. I make my own fruitcakes every year, I buy the dry ingredients from Kensington Market, mostly because they are not pre-packaged so I can taste test them, and I can buy only what I need. I don't think I've ever bought a fruitcake here...

        1. I had some really good fruitcake from Brick St Bakery (Distillery) a while back. No candied fruit, just dried fruit & figs. Very tasty.

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            My personal fave is my mom's Caribbean fruit cake, likely because of the rum inside and the marzipan topping. The only place I've found that does anything comparable is the St. Lucia cake Harbord Bakery does in the annex -- rum, but no marzipan. Again, you can usually try before you buy when they're in stock.

            1. re: Amber

              Hey Amber, would that be similar to west indian black cake??? Yummm

              1. re: millygirl

                Yes, that's it (the one my mom makes, the St. Lucia cake is a little different I think)! I hear Black Cake is also a wedding cake in Jamaica. Mmm.

                1. re: Amber

                  Black Cake is wedding cake throughout the Caribbean...

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                I love all types of fruitcake even crappy grocery store ones and would love to try the St. Lucia cake from Harbord Bakery. Do they have them year-round?

                Thanks kindly!

                1. re: mrsleny

                  I believe they're seasonal, so you'd be most likely to find them during December. Good luck!

                2. re: Amber

                  I just tried an awesome Jamaican black cake from Gerry's Fast Food on St. Clair by Christie today. It was perfect. All the fruit is ground so that the cake has that traditional wonderful smooth consistency. It was laced with a healthy but not overpowering dose of booze ... this being an all-season version of the cake. He makes them to-order for special occasions like Christmas and weddings and he can customize with more booze and in different shapes and sizes.

                  Even his icing was delish! It was soft like a buttercream, not hard and impenetrable. The cake was so moist and rich.

                  He makes two types a lighter cakier version and a denser version. Both are yummy.

                  I've been looking for ages for a place to order a beautiful, rich black cake. A lovely lady at Albert's Real Jamaican pointed me in Gerry's direction. I think I can stop looking now.

              3. Dinah's Cupboard makes a killer fruitcake that is also extremely expensive! My dad usually buys a small piece and I would actually partake as the dried fruit it is made from does not have that plastic/sugary flavour...