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Oct 28, 2007 01:31 PM

German Restaurant w/ great spaetzle

I have too much time on my hands today and have developed numerous cravings. Any recommendations for a very good, can be pricey, authentic German restaurant that has great food including top notch spaetzle in the NoVa, DC, or south MD area?
I miss my Grandmothers........

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  1. In Maryland, outside of Annapolis is The Old Stein Inn. I find their food very tasty, and many others I know love their food as well. I've also had friends who were disappointed, so take the recommendation for what it's worth. Their spaetzle is very good, in my opinion, and I never seem to venture from the Jagerschnitzel, it's just that good. Definitely go hungry and get the cheese and wurst platter as an appetizer. I am not a beer drinker, I know, a sin considering German's are so known for their beer, but I understand from friends that the beer choices are very good. I hope you enjoy the experience.

    1. I second the Old Stein Inn. Their spaetzle is good and I really like their crab soup. Their selection of beers is very good. I think they usually have 10 different ones on tap. In nice weather, you can sit outside in the biergarten and there is usually some music on Friday and Saturday nights.

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        Thank you both for the recommendation to Old Stein. It is now saved in my "Favorites" folder along with many of the other recommendations of various ethnic restaurants from Chowhound bloggers. With the coming cold weather, this will be a priority trip. I will report back. The cheese and wurst appetizer platter sounds wonderful!

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          Old Europe in DC. Right on Wisconsin Ave., above Georgetown. An institution in these parts, it's been around forever. Classy, great German food.

      2. It's out of the way, but fun. Shmankerl Stube, in downtown Hagerstown!

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