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Oct 28, 2007 01:29 PM


Does anyone know the status of Justin's place? Is he still using Sitka on Sun & Mon?

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  1. And is he still selling pasta at the Ballard Sunday Market?

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    1. re: frygirl

      he hasn't sold at the Ballard Farmer's Market in quite some time. Not sure what he's up to these days. Somebody needs to call him!

    2. malarkey I've seen him there the last few times (Ballard Farmers Market) we've gone- maybe 3 weeks ago? If it's the same guy I'm thinking of- dark hair, italian, very charming??

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      1. re: little ms foodie

        I think you are thinking of the Da Vino guy-"ciao, darling, bella" etc etc..Justin hasn't been at the Market in ages.

        1. re: little ms foodie

          I'm thinking of Justin Niedermeyer. He married (or so I heard) the lady who ran the bruschetta/grilled bread stand. Once they got together, they both split the market. :-(

          1. re: malarkey

            Right, I was replying to LMF about who is selling pasta there now...

            1. re: malarkey

              Funny - I heard the bruschetta lady got married and moved to Italy! Last I heard Justin was still in Seattle at Sitka and Spruce on Mondays while waiting for his place to be ready to open.

          2. yes christy that is who i was thinking of, ok all straightened out!

            1. He is not selling at the market. He continue to do dinners at Sitka on Sunday and Monday at 7:30 pm. This I understand will only take place for a limited time. Word on the street is a big announcement about an opening date is coming soon.

              1. I just had dinner there on Monday night. 11 amazing courses, family style with 24 other people in attendance. I've eaten at restaurants around the world and I must say that Justin's creations that night will make an indelible mark for years to come, if not the rest of my life. From beginning to end, I couldn't envision a better night. The table would get into a conversation about the ingredients, mesmerized by each dish and our patient server would head back to the kitchen over and over, bringing back surprising answers like juniper when we were all convinced it was fennel. The pasta, of course, was the highlight. If angels could wear cashmere, it was like eating heaven wrapped up in luxury. My fiancee and I haven't stopped talking about it and are determined to make it back before Justin officially opens. I loved every minute of it... can you tell? Worth every penny, every effort to make it to Pian Pianino. Justin - thank you!

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                1. re: RosebudSMB

                  can you list the 11 courses for us? TIA!

                  1. re: barleywino

                    Any idea how to make reservations for the 10 course dinner?