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Oct 28, 2007 12:56 PM

Ice Cream Sodas (East Bay)

My son just had his first-ever ice cream soda at Fentons. Mint chip ice cream with chocolate soda. (I always thought soda was soda, but apparently they offered a bunch of flavors.) Are there other places with good sodas in the East Bay? Not sundaes, not milkshakes, but old fashioned sodas.

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  1. I would have sent you to Ozzie's on College Ave., but sadly it's closed now. But I'll be curious to know what you find.

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    1. re: cfarivar

      Has Ozzie's closed? It seemed like it was open a couple of weeks ago when I drove by.

    2. I believe Val's in Hayward/Castro Valley serves them
      The Medicine Chest in Hayward on B Street serves them

      Not sure about Tucker's in Alameda, maybe someone can chime in on Tucker's or you could give them a call.