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Oct 28, 2007 12:49 PM

MSP-Bravo! Cafe on Grand-secret noodle house?

Bravo Cafe on Grand and Lexington advertises itself and looks like a standard coffee shop. It's an innocuous storefront next to a hair salon and looks to have a coffee counter and pastries.

But for months now, every time I drive by there at night, I see a dozen or so Asian people sitting at the counter facing the window, all scooping and slurping from huge bowls with chopsticks. It looks much busier during this than at daytime.

I'm always intrigued when I see this, but unfortunately, always in a hurry and I tend to forget about it.

Does anyone know what's up with this place?

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  1. Bravo is anything but a standard coffee shop. It is kind of quirky, possibly showing some of the French influence on Vietnamese cooking, since they are very proud of their
    homemade cream puffs which they actually fill to order- and they have these very elaborate colorful torte type cakes with fruity layers alternating with cake and whipped cream. But they also have a menu of Asian entrees (mostly vegetarian if I remember correctly). I had a veggie entree once, wasn't wowed by it, but it was pretty good, nothing fancy. I'd say it merits another visit. Definitely worth a stop in, I'd say. Let us know what you think!

    1. There's been quite a bit of discussion on Bravo in recent months, particularly about their gorgeous cakes and cream puffs. It's also been featured in City Pages food section (but not by Dara) over the past year or so for its "mock" veggie dishes and bubble tea. Here are a couple of threads that might interest you: (includes photos).

      EDIT: P.S. I recall lots of rice dishes on their menu--and they offer brown rice as an option--but no noodle dishes.


      1. I really like this place ( really like their cakes, and the fact that they aim to make healthy menu items all around. Maybe not fat free, but they try for trans fat free, or not so handled ingredients. They also go out of their way to bake vegan choices and make their own vegetarian fish in-house. It's a kind of place that ought be noticed.. plus their cakes are so amazing.. just look at them on their website.

        All the food dishes they offer are on their website. I've only eaten the sweet & sour 'fish', which came w. 1/3 plate of rice (yes, brown is an option), but it was good, and I was full. I have tried almost every kind of cake, and they are all unique. For example, in their mixed fruit cake, they actually have cut-up fresh GRAPES and mangos and kiwis (not to mention strawberries and normal things, too) in whipped cream between layers of cake. Pretty cool. I really like their green tea cake w. red bean filling, but have been told it's an aquired taste. =) Go there with dessert (cake or a creme puff) in mind!

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          thanks reannd for the web address. I just noticed on their menu is something called
          'Sponge Cheese Cake'. Now I'm really going to have to make a trip over there
          to see what that could possibly be.

          1. re: reannd

            I agree that they are going for "heathy" and for the most part they succeed with healthy, delicious, attractive and creative/unique--all of the above. However, from a health and taste perspective, I wish they'd cut back on the sugar on some of their rice entree/dishes. Way, way too sweet.

            I wonder if they'd cut back on the sugar if I asked? I might try that next time. Reannd, do you know if they are making those rice dishes to order?


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              you know, i've only eaten an entree there once (i am a huge dessert person, not really big on chinese stir fry..). my friend has eaten there 20x and has ordered the same thing every time.. so i guess the short story is, i don't know.

              i have called them a couple times, though.. they're really friendly. they'll probably tell you on the phone ?! sorry im not more help.

              1. re: reannd

                They have an email/comment area on their website and they answered very
                quickly when I emailed them a question- no msg or artificial colors in their
                food, which fits the 'healthy' profile. They said they might use coloring if a
                customer requested it in a cake.