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Oct 28, 2007 12:29 PM

Christmas Eve in Asheville

Will there be any places open to eat on Christmas Eve in Asheville? Help!

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  1. Thyme--

    According to, Table, Southside Cafe and The Boathouse are. I'm assuming any place attached to hotel/resort is. I'd just call around. A word of warning: despite what restaurants tell you, it's liable to change. We showed up at a place in Charleston that was supposed to be open, only to find it closed. I'd re-check before you walk out the door.

    1. The restaurants at the Grove Park Inn will be open; however, they will probably be very busy. You can check out their menus online and I recommend making reservations as soon as possible. The restaurants at the Inn at the Biltmore Estate will probably be open as well. Most of the local restaurants are typically closed.

      1. Our family has eaten Christmas Eve dinner at the Red Rocker Inn several times in the past few years, and it has been wonderful. It is a B&B in Black Mountain, and we have thoroughly enjoyed every visit we've made. They serve a variety of entrees, along with salad, this delicious tomato bisque, homemade apple butter, and yummy desserts. I believe they have 2 or 3 different seatings, beginning at lunchtime, but I would call first, because they fill up fast.

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          Since I'm not familiar with the area, how far is Black Mountain from Asheville?

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            It's exit 64 off I40 East from Asheville, so about 10-12 miles, depending on where you'll be staying.

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              Thanks! Also, anyone have info on the Southside Cafe?

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                I have been there for lunch and dinner within the past 6-8months. Both were good, nothing stellar or especially inventive but good. I think they tend to cater to an older, established clientele.

        2. The Forest Blue will be open at 4:00 pm Christmas Day

          1. The Boathouse has been closed for months.

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              this post is over a year old - sorry you and Denise wasted your time responding to it.