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Oct 28, 2007 12:16 PM

Yummy Korean BBQ (Hawaii Style Korean Plate Lunch) in LA?

I am looking for a Korean BBQ type of place in LA that resembles Yummy Korean BBQ in Hawaii (http://www.yummyhawaii.com/yummy.htm). I have been to a place in Glendale called Korean BBQ of Hawaii, but it has since turned into a L&L BBQ. Basically, the plate lunch consists of several choices of side dishes, which are korean vegetables (kimchi, cabbage, spinach, watercress, cucumbers, etc.), rice, and a choice of meat (kalbi, chicken, etc.). Does anyone know of something similar in LA?

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  1. Try Ohana on Ventura Blvd. near Tujunga in a strip mall. Great kimchee and bean sprout salad. spicy BBQW ribs great chicken etc. It's right at the intersection of Ventura and Eureka on the North side of the street.

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      I'm with Hughlipton. I especially recommend the lean BBQ pork. I always ask for the free kimchi and brown rice.

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          Who parks? I take my daughter who rides shotgun and get it to go. I can maneuver the car while she gets the goods and watch the Monday night game at home while chowing down on good eats.

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            Thanks for the recommendation. I tried Ohana, but have to say I was expecting something different. I had the BBQ chicken and BBQ pork plates. The food had good flavor, portions were great, but the variety was lacking. As posted, they had good bean sprouts, and the kimchee was good too. I was expecting something a little more like Yummy's or other Hawaii-style Korean BBQ that offers many more side dishes. I would go back, especially if I was in the area. As for the parking, I think I got there at just the right time...found a spot right in front. Thanks!

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              Thanks for the reply, jmp. I too am looking for a Yunnie's/Yummys Korean style plate lunch with all the variety of Korean side dishes. It may be it doesn't exist here in LA. When we go back to Oahu, our first lunch is a Korean style plate lunch at Yummy's (Ala Moana) or Yunnie's (Windward Mall).

              Every Hawaiian plate lunch place has kalbi, but no one has all the delicious side dishes beside kimchi. The Korean BBQ places in Koreatown will have them, but that's a different animal altogether.

      1. It isn't a "true" plate lunch, but try hawaiian chicken. It's on spring/ord I believe (up the street from Phillippe's and across from CBS) in Chinatown.

        Run by koreans raised in HI, so they do korean/HI fusion cuisine. Their chicken/sauce is freaking BOMB; shoyu chicken is also pretty good and their kalbi isn't bad either. Their mac salad is best in SoCal IMHO. If they had spam masubi, they'd be SHAKA KILLER for sure.

        2nd best HI restaurant in SoCal IMHO, only behind bruddah's.