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Oct 28, 2007 11:57 AM

'Typical Fare' Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Jogging your memory. When I used to frequent Morris Avenue (Union County) I remember there used to be an old-fashioned/classic sit-down/take-out Chinese cuisine restaurant (now long gone) located in the township of Union, NJ that served classic Chinese American dishes. Typical fare included appetizers, combination plates (tea, soup, main dish, rice, dessert) and You Pick A/B column dining selections. Not fancy, not expensive, but always reliable and great food. I even remember the booths. Does any such places still exist? Doesn't need to be in Union County. Thanks.

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  1. If you mean a place that serves you those fried noodles and duck sauce before the meal and every dish has baby corn, julianne carrots, water chestnut and the nondescript translucent brown sauce, try Hunan Tea Garden in Warren in a little village-mall type of place on the north bound side of Mt. Bethel Road just north or Mountain Blvd. You will not be disappointed. While not really Hunan cooking (or even a stretch to call it Chinese), I think it appeals to most Americans' taste. A co-worker of my girlfriend swears by it. We went and tried it. Not to our tastes, but we are weird.

    If you ever venture out to San Diego, there is restaurant in the North Park area that devotes itself to replicating the tastes and decor of the suburban American-Chinese restaurants with a bit of a tongue-in-cheek humor. It brought me back to living in Westchester County 25 years ago and having to eat in a restaurant called the Bamboo Garden on weekends when we did not make it to Flushing.

    1. Do such places still exist? Are you kidding? That's the description of nearly every Chinese restaurant I'm familiar with in Monmouth County. Trouble is, in just about all cases, the food sucks!

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        As long as the demand is there, they can stay in business. More power to them; to each his own.

      2. There's a place out here in Freehold that seems to fit your description. They're called King's Chinese restaurant 4345 hwy 9 North. When tvr172 mentioned fried noodles and duck sauce, that was the first place to came to my mind. Owner's very friendly. Give it a try if you're in the area.