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Oct 28, 2007 11:40 AM

cucumber kimchee

One of my favorite things about eating at a local Japanese restaurant was the kimchee that they used to serve with the loco moco breakfast. Now that the restaurant has closed, I don't know where to find this anymore. Does anyone know how to make this yummy version of kimchee?

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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      Thank you Nancy. I do have the pickles recipes that you sent a few months ago. I am eager to see you again. Thank you for all of your chowhound tips!

    2. "The Kimchee Cookbook" by Kim, Lee, and Lee has these recipes:

      Stuffed Cucumber Kimchee (oi sobaegi)
      Hot and Spicy Cucumber Chunks (oi kkaktugi)
      Cucumber Juicy Kimchee (oi nabak kimchi)
      Wrapped Cucumber Kimchee (oi ssam kimchi)
      Whole Cucumber In Brine (oi tchanji)
      Whole Cucumber In Rice Bran Kimchee (t'ong oi ssalkyo chorim)

      I haven't made any of them. If one of these sounds like what you're looking for, I'll transcribe/paraphrase it for you.


      1. Not only is this item yummy, but it's really easy to prepare. My version is "fresh" and I'm not sure it keeps.

        Cut about 2 pounds cukes into 1 inch strips (filling one large bowl).

        Mix in 1 tbsp salt and let sit 30 minutes.

        Rinse off the salt, then mix in:
        3 cucumbers (oh-ee) (pickling variety)
        2 stalks green onion
        1/2 onion
        1 jalapeno
        1 tablespoon gochujang (red pepper paste)
        1 tsp minced garlic
        2 teaspoons vinegar
        2 teaspoons sugar
        salt (optional)

        Slice cucumbers in half and then into thick slices. Cut green onions into 2 inch pieces. Slice jalapeno. Quarter onion and then slice. Put all veggies in a bowl, add the spices, and mix. I use a disposable plastic glove like the one pictured above to mix everything together. Taste and if it needs salt, add to taste. If you like it sweeter, feel free to add more sugar. Serve chilled.

        1 large cucumber - skin on, in slices 1/2" to 3/4".

        Toss slices with salt while you gather the remaining ingredients.

        Rinse and drain well, and toss with:

        1/4 cup sugar
        1 Tb garlic paste or jar garlic, or 1 tsp garlic powder (use powder only in a pinch)
        2 Tb Soy Sauce
        a pinch of red pepper flakes (more if you like, or none if you insist).

        Toss well and set aside for at least 4-5 hours, or cover and refrigerate 1 day max.

        Drain and serve room-temperature or chilled - the shape lends them to being nicely stacked on a small plate.

        1. I posted another cucumber kimchi recipe in the Korean Recipes thread:

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          1. re: hannaone

            These are the ingredients I use based off one a friend's mom showed me...nothing is exact, these are just ingredients and I add them according to taste

            Rice vinegar
            Red pepper flakes
            Green onion
            Sesame oil (if you want, I think it gives a nice flavor)

          2. go on youtube and search Maangchi. She has a cucumber kimchi recipe which I've made a lot and it actually makes fantastic kimchi.