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Oct 28, 2007 10:38 AM

Sunday Anniversary Dinner SF

We will be traveling to SF for a weekend in March to celebrate an important wedding anniversary! Our anniversary falls on the Sunday, and we want to have a memorable meal that night. We are willing to splurge for this one. Any suggestions for a special restaurant would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. As opposed to those unimportant anniversaries? :) Can you give us some idea of what sort of cuisine you like most? I can think of a few places that I think would be great for such a special occasion, but the food is really different one place to another. Quince for pastas and a great wine list in a setting my wife and I love with wonderful service. Ame has French influenced Japanese and is also a nice atmosphere with excellent service.

    Quince Restaurant
    470 Pacific Av, San Francisco, CA 94133

    Ame Restaurant
    689 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

    1. Special is subjective...and then there's price. The usual splurge places (subjective, open to debate) in SF are:

      Dining Room at the Ritz
      Michael Mina
      Gary Danko
      Campton Place
      Fleur de Lys

      Outside of SF proper:

      French Laundry
      Chez Panisse

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        I was the original poster and I have narrowed down my choices to the following restaurants that are open on Sunday, the night of our anniversary. Food and service are my top priorities...not worried about the cost for this 40th anniversary trip to Northern California from Miami. Also, would like a quiet atomosphere.

        Michael Mina
        I left out Gary Danko as we ate there on our last trip to SF a couple of years ago....loved the food, but the restaurant was pretty noisy and the service a bit chaotic.
        Also, Ame is mentioned a lot on this board, but I am not a fan of Japanese cuisine.

        So, I need to make reservations soon as these restaurants are so popular....any advice or opinions would be appreciated!

        1. re: glsebs

          I recommended Quince right off the bat and given your revised post, I'll stick with it. My wife took me there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was remarkable. Excellent food and service and a quiet, romantic setting.

          Jardiniere is another of our favorites in town, but they just recently renovated and altered the downstairs portion of the restaurant in terms of both setting and menu. They've done away with the live piano player as well. It might still be great, but I don't feel comfortable recommending it as I haven't yet been post-renovation. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on that.

          Best of luck getting a reservation where ever you choose!

          1. re: glsebs

            I'd also go with Quince (call at exactly noon, 1 month in advance, if you want a desirable seating). The most romantic of the four by far (and the best food, in my experience). Note that a number of people have found the entrees disappointing, so do an app and two pastas instead.

            I went to Jardiniere recently (post-remodel) - thought everything was cooked well, but nothing was particularly interesting, and it was expensive for what it was. Downstairs is dominated by the bar and lounge area - upstairs is quieter, but the feeling of chaos from downstairs drifts up.

            It's been over a year since I went to Michael Mina, but I was disappointed enough not to give it a second chance (esp at its price point). I was really excited about the trios and was looking for revelations in taste and texture - didn't find them. It does have the proper "special occasion" feel, though, so if you can't get into Quince, and atmosphere trumps food, it would be my second choice.

            It's also been over a year since my last visit to Boulevard - a spontaneous, late night drop-in for apps and desserts, which I really enjoyed. A previous full dinner had been disappointing. Boulevard doesn't really strike me as a romantic place - it feels pretty corporate.

            1. re: daveena

              Thanks for the post-remodel Jardiniere report, daveena. That was my fear. It was always expensive, but the atmosphere did a lot to make up for it and my wife and I very much enjoyed a few meals there. When I read about the remodel, it sounded like they'd made a list of all of the things we liked and then changed them. But that's only if I take a very us-centric view of the world.

            2. re: glsebs

              From your list I would eliminate Jardiniere off the bat.

              I have to tell you, though. For a 40th wedding anniversary, I would consider the hour drive to Manresa. If you are real foodies, I think you will have a better experience there than at any of these places.

              That said, I would probably vote Quince based upon a coordination of both food and romance. But I know people who love Mina... and those who really don't.