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Oct 28, 2007 10:25 AM

wineries/Napier area

Wondering if fellow Hounds could recommend which wineries are best to visit when I have just 2 days in Napier. And which two wineries would you chose for dinner?

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  1. My recommendations for Napier area would be

    Unison - My favourite winemaker of the area, and often the person doing the tastings
    Ngatarawa - Often have some interesting bottles open
    Vidals - very good range, great Syrah
    Te Mata - Specifically for the Elston Chardonnay and Bullnose Syrah
    Clearview and Beach House in Te Awanga, whjile you are out that way Kim Crawford
    Matariki - Quintology and their Sangiovese

    A good website, with map trai is

    if you are there on the weekend you must visit the Farmers Market, the Hastings one is bigger and better than Napier

    Village Press Olive Oil is my favourite oil, the Picual is amazing


    Te Awa has very good reviews as does Vidals, similarly Terroir at Craggy Range
    Diva - Havelock North, very nice restaurant, great Maitre'D/Owner

    My top tip would be to try and get a copy of the latest Cuisine, and their wine country annual release, a very well thumbed book when i had it.

    have a great time

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      Thanks Stanleyk - I'll raise a glass to your good health and all the Chowhounds who love to chow - and know how.

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        Hey Stanleyk: You were 100% right - especially about Unison. Had a fantastic tasting with Bruce, the winery co-owner. Very relaxed and informative and the wine was the best I had in my NZ travels. Just exceptional.

        1. re: BBoop

          I'd second Stanleyk's recommendations. If you are still around the Hawkes Bay region I'd also suggest Craggy Range and their absolutely fabulous Terrior restaurant. It is pricey and may be a little out of the way of Napier, but definitely worth it.

          Kim Crawford is also worth a visit if you get chance.