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Oct 28, 2007 09:30 AM

What are you serving for Thanksgiving dessert?

There will be only 8 of us this year. So, it looks like pumpkin pie, warm apple cobbler, an assortment of 6 ice creams that I ordered on the net from Graeters (surprise for my husband) and assorted chocolate covered pretzels (for my stepdaughters).

I also do an edible centerpiece of dried fruits, nuts in the shell, clementines, etc. What are you serving?

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  1. Tarte Tatin served with choice of creme fraiche or vanila ice cream.

    1. For the 6 of us:

      Cranberry upside down cake or a chocolate cranberry pie/cake
      Tres Leche cake
      Pumpkin Cheese cake
      Chocolate bourbon pecan pie

      We are very much a dessert family

      1. There will be 8 of us: pumpkin pie, homemade apple crumb pie, and the chocolate/cranberry tart from Bon Appetit in this month's mag. Hoping for some leftovers!

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        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          I'll also be giving that chocolate/cranberry tart from BA a try. It looks good...

        2. My sister-in-law usually bakes two or three pies, though I like to squeeze one of my own in there, too, since I love to bake. There are usually about 15-20 of us. We typically have an apple and a pecan and/or pumpkin pie from her and some ice cream. Last year there were a lot of clementines floating around the house, so I made a clementine-lime pie. It was delicious. This year I have a tentative plan to make my offering the Moosewood Dessert cookbook's peach and ginger pie in a gingerbread crust (if peaches aren't too expensive).

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            Peach and ginger pie sounds amazing. Can you even get fresh peaches now? Or might frozen work?

            1. re: DaisyM

              Frozen would probably work...I figured I could find fresh peaches but they might be really expensive.

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                I've made fresh and frozen peach pies with ginger, both crystalized and fresh grated. The combination's wonderful, and frozen peaches work fine, sometimes better than fresh.

            2. Pumpkin pie

              Gingerbread (Gramcery Tavern) w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

              Chocolate Bread Pudding

              Apple Blossoms/Dumplings

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              1. re: Emme

                That Grammercy Tavern cake is awesome and keeps well. I've even made cupcakes, frosted with a lemon creme frachie frosting(just barely sweet) or with a little lemon curd piped into the good!