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Oct 28, 2007 09:20 AM

Paso Robles Thanksgiving [moved from San Francisco board]

I'm looking for a place to have Thanksgiving dinner in Paso Robles or nearby. Maybe one of the wineries?

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  1. post on the California board for results. Most area restos are booking now, so make reservations. Don't know if the wineries are open. We're pretty rural--everything buttons up for holidays.

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      Paso Robles Inn might be doing a Thanksgiving dinner, I'd call them & see; have never known any of the wineries to don one.

    2. just made a reservation at Artisan. They are fantastic and have a great-looking prix fixe that nite for $69. go to click menus and thanksgiving

      1. McFees in templeton is anoher great choice (not sure of what they have in store for Thanksgiving) One of my favorite places & has an amazing house wine from Chateau Margene