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Oct 28, 2007 09:00 AM

Calvin's Chinese Bronxville

I noticed this place last Saturday (it was closed of course so I could not try it). I noticed they had Tom Yum Soup on the menu. I picked up their takeout menu and saw that they actually have lamb dishes. This really piqued my interest.

Has anyone ever tried the Thai/Lamb type things? What else, if anything is good there?

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  1. Hi, I haven't tried the lamb, but we live down the road and Calvin's quickly became our place for take out. I have never had anything here I didn't like. I usually get the special Bok Choy sauteed with Shrimp or Chicken. Although it's listed as a special, their specials never change interestingly enough!
    I usually keep to the Chinese menu options since we go to Haiku or Wild Ginger if we want something more out of the ordinary. I would love to hear back from you if you try the Tom Yum soup or the lamb!

    1. We have eaten there a couple of times, however, we have not tried the lamb. Like SweetPea914 I like their bok choy dish. I consider them kind of an old fashioned chinese restaurant which are few and far between in our area.

      1. I have tried the Curry Lamb at Calvin's and it is pretty tasty! I would recommend it. Have never had the Tom Yum soup though.

        1. Sadly, Calvin's closed in the spring of 2009. ASIAN WIND is there now, and it's a gem of a restaurant. If you liked Calvin's you'll l ike this place.

          1. Calvin's closed in 2009. It was excellent. There have been 3 restaurants there since and a new one, Dumpling + Noodle will oopen soon.

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              Don't want to knock it without looking at the menu, but if it is another "fusion" place, it will probably be gone before it is barely up and running. I knew the last place was suspect when someone posted a picture which showed the giant root vegetable ornaments carved to look like birds (they completely dwarfed the food). Anyway, the new owner should take heed.

              1. re: jcmods

                I guess it is the Power of Negative Thinking. We actually liked the new Dumpling place although there were a few caveats. A full review is under the name of the new restaurant. A far far cry from the stupefyingly awful Onn's.