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Oct 28, 2007 08:36 AM

TacoBell Chili Cheese Nachos Bel Grande Ad

Does anyone else want to throw something thru the TV when this ad comes on?
Those characters, and Devo singing "crack that whip" do not inspire me to go out and sample the product.
Almost the opposite.

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  1. Yeah, but they'll tell you what's important is that you paid attention to the ad and remember the name of the product. As a middle-aged woman who watches a lot of sports -- and even worse, listens to them on the radio -- I'm often inundated by ads that I find not only annoying but downright offensive, but I recognize I'm not the target demographic!

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Right there with you Ruth...although I'm an early 30s guy. The recent ads for establishments like (to keep it somewhat Chow related) Wendy's, Hardee's and especially Burger King have me actively making the choice to _not_ support those businesses. It's a far cry from ads I remember in the past that just made me laugh or showed me food I'd want to eat. (Especially sad in the case of Wendy's since it used to be Dave Thomas.)

      1. re: ccbweb

        I too am somewhat disgusted at the recent spate of beyond obnoxious fast food chain restaurant ads. I find the Wendy's 'braids' series especially moronic.and as a stockholder, I've already expressed my displeasure. That being said, I have to agree with Ruth. We are correctly associating the product with the chain, albeit a negative association, but an association nevertheless.
        SInce I believe we tend to 'do it to ourselves' I am annoyed that we have accepted this level of, "dumb downed" marketing. It makes "Where's the Beef" look positively MENSA-like.
        Seriously, would the obnoxiousness of an ad ever really prevent you from trying a product?
        That might be an interesting thread.

        1. re: Tay

          To your question: yep. Burger King ads especially put me off of their products entirely. I think the question would come down to one key thing, though: is it a novel product that could seriously enhance my life somehow (make something a lot easier, more efficient, tastier, etc) or is it a competing product for which there are many alternatives. If it's a novel product that sounds good on its merits, then the obnoxiousness of an ad would likely not keep me from investigating more and perhaps trying it. If it's a replacement product like a new hamburger combination of some kind...then if the ad is obnoxious I'm far more likely to think "why do I want to bother?"

          1. re: ccbweb

            I'll have to think about this... I don't drink beer, but I remember thinking that if I did, I'd drink Bud just because of the Clydsdale ads.... Of course, then I'd have to balance those with the mud wrestling women...

            1. re: Tay

              I bought a six-pack of Sam Adams because of their commercials and how they show their employees standing so proudly behind their craft.

            2. re: ccbweb

              Exactly. Most products that have obnoxious advertising are not products I would buy anyway, but occasionally there's an ad that -- despite it's style -- informs me of a new product I'm interested in trying. In fact, this happened just this week with the Snickers dark ads. It wasn't the style of the ad that convinced me to buy the product: once I knew about the product I wanted to try it. So the most effective aspect of the ad was that it got me to pay enough attention to notice the product, making it a successful ad.

              But there are definitely ads that make me want to actively boycott the product. As I said, because I'm a baseball fan and listen to baseball on the radio almost every day during the season, I'm assaulted with ads -- mostly for beer -- that are not only obnoxious and offensive, but which I hear several times a broadcast, broadcast after broadcast. I don't remember this season being too bad, but last season there were two ads that actually made me turn the radio off, count to 30, and turn it back on. One of them was Miller light ("I want to taste my beer") and one was the notorious Coors light "wingman" ad (okay, I just Googled this -- apparently this is considered a great ad, which just goes to show how far I am from the target audience).

              Apparently it never occur to beer ad campaigns that middle-aged women (1) listen to baseball, and (2) buy beer, and that even if not actively targeting them, it might be a good idea not to actively offend them? They're right, I don't buy beer ... for myself. But as someone who hosts parties and events, I often buy beer for other people, and they've totally lost my business.

              I did notice that one ad for American Airlines I found offensive changed its text slightly to remove the offending phrase, making it just annoying.

            3. re: Tay

              Absolutely. I am so repulsed by the Hardee's ads that, although I think their hamburgers are pretty decent taste-wise, I will not eat there. The Spouse thinks I'm being ridiculous but I don't feel any overwhelming need to spend my money with a business that so clearly disrespects me as a person and a potential consumer. They can survive very well without my business and I can manage even better by not giving it to them.

        2. I agree that this specific fast-food ad rises above most others in offensiveness -- it manages to denigrate the clueless males and the dominant female at the same time. Most distasteful is the sponsor; Taco Bell serves the most gloppy, distasteful, vulgarized product in the whole field. If only they would bring back the chihuahua or update the classic "run for the border" when the ICE agents stop in for lunch! On the other hand, their "wrapped" taco or chaluba-something provided some of the inspiration for the genius SNL satire -- Taco Time!

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          1. re: nosh

            Taco Bell's ads are awful, they should fire their advertising agency. The nachos bell grande commercial is bad, but nowhere near as bad as that cheesy quesadilla commercial that had everyone with large CGI strings of "cheese" coming out of their mouth. How is that appetizing? It looked like a string of snot.

          2. Taco Bell and American beer, LCD and open to easy parody:


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            1. re: ML8000

              ML800, you just added quite a few minutes (maybe even hours) to my lifespan -- laughing so hard at that parody. HILARIOUS!!!!!!! thanks, i needed that.

              1. re: ML8000

                OMG I laughed my you know what off! That is hilarious and so darn true!

                Now I'm waiting for the deconstructed taco commercial! Oh wait would that be a taco salad?????

                And has anyone seen the Olive Garden stuffed chicken whatever. There is SOOOO MUCH stuff in the breast and around it I want to barf.