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Oct 28, 2007 08:31 AM

kimchi jigae

My Korean next door neighbor just delivered about a 4 gallon jar of homemade kimchee.....does anyone have a recipe for kimchi jigae ?

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  1. There's a great thread on Korean recipes right now at You might try some of the links recommended in that thread.

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      I don't have a recipe for kimchee jigae, BUT, Bittman has a wonderful potato pancake with kimchee. I make it all the time. It's great served with bbq'd/broiled marinated chicken thighs with sesame seeds. Will post if you're interested and don't have Best Recipes in the World

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        Thanks, I do have Best Recipes in the World, never thought to look there!

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          Ooh could you post anyway? I don't have the book but I'd love to see that recipe!

      2. First you should wait until your kimchi gets very ripe. New kimchi doesn't make for good chigae because you want it to be acidic. Basically, you stir-fry it with some pork, add water and let it boil, then simmer over medium-to-low heat for about 20 minutes. You can add Korean soup stock or dried anchovies for some depth. I think some people add Korean dried chili powder to make it more spicy. You can add tofu. This is the basic recipe.

        --I'm not sure how to get the pork really tender. Maybe use a fatty cut and let it cook over low heat a lot longer? I often use canned tuna in place of pork, just adding drained tuna near the end of cooking. This is a very college student thing to do. And I will add an egg yolk. But I'd be interested if anyone knows how to make it w/very tender pieces of pork. That's the best kind.

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          I get pork "kabob" meat and chop it up and it is plenty tender. I don't know what cut they use for the kabob meat though.

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            Just a tip if you have new kimchi but want it to get more sour: leave the container outside on the counter for a night or two. Make sure you set the container in a bowl or some other basin and loosen the lid because the fermentation may cause some juices to bubble out.

          2. In addition to jigae you can make kimchi fried rice and also kimchi mandu. Yummy!