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Oct 28, 2007 08:08 AM

Halwa Puri in Downtown Toronto

New to this board but crazy about food. :)

Was wondering if anyone knew of a place that serves Halwa puri in or near downtown Toronto. I know about Tabaq in Missisauga, but living in downtown and not having a car is an issue with that. Already called Kings Palace and they said they don't serve it though about 2 weeks ago someone had said it's every weekend until 10:00.

Anything near TTC would do also.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. For those not purvy, Halwa Puri (Cholay) is a typical Pakistani breakfast dish.

    Zaiqa Restaurant
    (905) 277-9171 1059 Dundas Street West , Toronto

    ... serves it on weekends. I know it's not downtown, but it offers you another option. The rest of the food, btw, is crap. It's only good for this dish. Other options:

    Pak Centre
    1079 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, ON

    Ghareeb Nawaz
    234 Markham Road, Scarborough, ON M1J 3C2 - (416) 261-0909

    Ghareeb Nawaz
    1071 Danforth Road, Scarborough, ON M1J 1E4 - (416) 261-2882

      1. re: Delish

        Meant to add a place link.

        Iqbal Kebab
        2 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON M4H, CA