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Riptide Tequila

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Anyone ever seen this? It's from the Triple 8 Distillery on Nantucket. I find it odd for a couple of reasons.

There is almost no information on it. Even the Triple 8 website really doesnt have much. Google turns up less then 10 hits.

It's a mixto as far as I can tell. It does not say 100% agave.

Finally, i was under the impression that one could only call a spirit "tequila" if it was made in Mexican under NOM specs.

Perhaps a rebranded bottle?

I almost bought it for the novelty but it was pricey, especially for a mixto so I passed.

Anyone try it? Crapola? I

Triple 8 also has a Noreaster Bourbon. Again, I thought "Bourbons" had to be produced in Kentucky.

Bizarre :)

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