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South Philly Italian Tonight?

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Any solid suggestions, other than Scannicchio's or Paradiso for a 6:30ish dinner after a concert deep in South Philly tonight? I still have time to make a reservation, but my mind is kinda blank. I know some wonderful places have been mentioned in the past, but I can't remember any!

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  1. Mr. Martino's Trattoria, across the street from Paradiso and a few doors south.

    1. TreScalini

      1. Criniti's on Broad St, just north of Oregon Ave. Old Family recipe's!

        1. Villa di Roma in the heart of the Italian Market. No reservations; no credit cards.

          1. The only ones not mentioned are Marra's, Bomb-Bomb, and Pesto.

            1. Popi's on 20th St up from the lakes