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Oct 28, 2007 07:44 AM

Pizza Delivery

Sorry if this one has been done a million times. Just wanted to get the most current opinions.

Best Pizza Delivery in town? Most important is uptown but I'm interested in the best in general as well.

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  1. Everybody has their own "favorite" delivery pizza, depends on your neighborhood. I'm partial to NY Pizza, though they can take a long time to deliver, so I usually pick it up. Reginelli's is okay, but I prefer the non-pizza stuff on their menu to the pizza. Worth mentioning (though not delivery) is the pizza happy hour at Whole Foods; 2 slices for $5 isn't bad, and the crust is at least partially whole wheat.

    1. If you are Uptown, then you cannot go wrong at Roman Pizza. They deliver and are probably the best in the University area. Their website is

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        I second Roman Pizza. Great prices too.

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          Roman's, Reggie's & NY Pizza are all good.

        2. Cote Sud delivers, but I live pretty near there, not sure what their radius is. I like Pepperoni's, too, and we've gotten Dough Bowl delivered before.