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Best Pancakes in Toronto?

I am craving pancakes for brunch and was curious where people have have had the BEST pancakes. I have been going to Okay Okay for the past few weeks and really enjoy their blueberry pankcakes but thought that I would try some place new this weekend. Any recommendations in the downtown area?

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  1. Toba pancakes are awesome. Dessert trends are unique and great.

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      I haven't tried Toba's, or many others for that matter. I'm more of a omelet kinda gal but I do love the pancakes at Okay Okay. Funny though, I think I read somewhere that he actually uses a mix!!! Not all that surprising I guess considering the potato thingees are the frozen kind....but they are yummy all the same in a sinful kinda way :)

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        I often go through the same dilemma and although I'm not a vegetarian, I find the pancakes at Fresh (Spadina, Bloor, Queen/Crawford) to be excellent. They have berry ones as well as banana and banana nut etc. They're thick and fluffy and really well done. Now that I think of it, I might have to go myself this weekend!

        1. Professor, do the blueberry pancakes at Okay Okay have blueberries in the batter, or only on top?

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            the berries are in the batter as I recall.

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              The blueberries are in the batter. I have yet to try their other fruit option - banana. It doesn't really suprise me to hear that they may be made from a mix. They are good in that old familiar diner sort of way. I am going to Barrio this weekend and I normally get the waffles but perhaps I will get the pancakes and report back.

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                Thanks millygirl and professor. I'll definitely give them a try.

          2. I quite enjoyed the blueberry pancakes at the Senator - nice and fluffy, with the gentle tang of buttermilk. For my money, though, nobody holds a candle to the damn fine pancakes one could get at Mildred Pierce (RIP) - hugh, light, fresh and buttery. *sigh*

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              They have a cookbook, Out to Brunch, and the pancake recipe is in there. I get extremely similar results from the restaurant at home, we rarely go out for pancakes anymore!

            2. My vote is for The Homeway, on Mount Pleasant a few blocks north of Eglinton. Reasonably priced delicious breakfasts and brunches, and their pancakes are great. They put cinnamon in the batter, and lots of blueberries right in the batter; don't know if they use a mix or not, but it tastes homemade. You can get their pancakes plain, with blueberries, or with chocolate chips.

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                I tried the blueberry pancakes at The Homeway today. I would agree they're nice, though they're unlikely to get my vote for best in the city. The cinnamon in the batter comes through nicely and the blueberries are in the batter, but the berries were so small and so few as to not really impact the taste. The pancakes themselves were relatively light, though not super fluffy. Competent but not outstanding. I liked the restaurant overall, though and will go back. The side of Mennonite ham was good and real maple syrup is always welcome. The juice of the day was mango/banana/orange and they also had fresh squeezed grapefruit which was a treat for my friend.

              2. My recent favorites have been the pancakes at the Ontario Restaurant on Dundas at Ontario but it is definitely not a "Brunch" kind of place! It's another one of Toronto's areas in transition. As to the pancakes they are slightly sweet, thinner than others and have crispy edges which I love, perhaps somewhere between a crepe and a pancake. Breakfast with lots of coffee will only cost you about 6.00 . The place is very clean, the service is great, and the clientel very interesting. Hard to get to right now with the construction on Dundas. My other favorites are the cinnamon apple stuffed pancakes at the Bus Terminal at Danfoth and Coxwell.

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                  the ones at Ontario Restaurant sound exactly what I am looking for. I live in Riverside - is this close by? I am not familiar with Ontario street.

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                    This is bugging me and I know I have seen Okay Okay, where in world is it again? Tour boi

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                      Hi Tour boi, Okay Okay is on Queen Street East, near Carlaw.

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                      The Ontario restaurant is on Dundas,between Parliament and Sherbourne, right by Ontario street (closer to Sherbourne). It's not exactly a destination spot, But the place is very clean, good service and great Pancakes! The clientel is sometimes a little sketchy, but on the otherhand there's often a few plain-clothes officers there having breakfast. Go Figure!!!!! Not open on Sundays

                  2. I had an excellent plate of dollar blueberry pancakes soaked in brandy at Brassai. Yum!

                    1. All I can say is : skip the Golden Griddle (corner Mt Pleasant and Eg.), mostly early a.m. Long wait and the pancakes are far from fluffy.

                      1. I've now sampled the blueberry pancakes at Homeway and Okay Okay and, of the two, I have to give the nod to Homeway both for the pancakes themselves and the overall experience.

                        Although the pancakes at Okay Okay were quite good (fluffy, blueberries in the batter), they weren't outstanding or special. And a horrendous service experience spoiled my breakfast there. (See the thread at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/467914 if you're interested.)

                        Homeway, on the other hand, is a real gem. The blueberry pancakes with cinnamon in the batter are worth going out of your way for. The service was great. I got the sense that management really cares about service and it comes through in the staff's demeanor. I'll definitely be back there.

                        However, my vote for Toronto's best pancakes has to go to beerbistro. They serve pancakes with raspberries and blueberries in the batter with barley wine maple butter. I snagged some of the porter-infused maple syrup that they'd made up for the apple/pear waffles (which are also delicious) and that made the pancakes even better. These pancakes are in a category by themselves, definitely worth planning brunch around. And since I can always count on excellent service at bb, it's a sure thing.

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                          I had amazing pancakes today at Grafittis in Kensington Market as part of the weekly Black Metal Brunch. They had cheddar and keilbasa in there. Sounds kinda weird but it was delicious and probably some of the best I've ever had.

                          This was one of the weekly specials so not on the regular meu. But pretty sure there's regular pancakes on the brunch menu and probably amazing.

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                            Sounds interesting. Their menu isn't on their website. Can you tell me more about the brunch and the regular menu? I'm intrigued by the brunch description on their site: Gourmet Brunch with a touch of Satan! Sounds devilishly delicious. :)

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                              The brunch used to be located at Planet Kensington, but moved to Grafiti's earlier this year when PK closed. The new location has a lot more room so you basically go in and grab a seat and the bartender Mike will take care of you.

                              There's a standard menu that has standard stuff on it like eggs, and grilled cheese. But every week there's 3 or four specials. I understand Linda basically goes out and gets local ingredients and creates stuff from what she can get. Usually it's a bit offbeat like the pancakes I had today, but always super good.

                              On the menu today there was also a curried vegetable and feta omlet that was very tasty. There was also a lasagne with beer battered shrimp offering that they were out of when I got there. There was a stuffed crossont with egg, cheese and sausage as well.

                              The choices change up every week. I had an amzing chiorzo and brie omlet once there. Also the homefries are super tasty too.

                              The name Black Metal Brunch referrs to the fact that they play black and death metal the whole time. Also there are sometimes live bands as well. It's a unique experience with a very loyal following. It's a bargain as well considering the high quality of the food. Two full plates of food with homefries, a pop and my partner had a bloody mary and we got out the door for about $23

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                                Thanks llama. Definitely sounds worth checking out.

                        2. Guys c'mon...I've been to okay okay...sure its decent...but best pancakes in the city??? you know you're raving about NO NAME brand pancake mix sprinkled w/blueberries or bananas? Literally...

                          Anyone tried coffeeshop @ if lounge?..probably the best kept breakfast secret around...made from scratch. fluffy. tasty..as is the rest of the menu.banana pecan french toast...cinnamon cardamom scones..you won't find any frozen hashbrowns here...sorry...

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                            I've been to if... it's sort of a hit or miss place. I used to work up the street from If and their hours are really, really inconsistent and odd. The cinnamon cardamom scones are amazing, I had caprese sandwich there that was lacklustre and a friend had an omelette that was okay... Judging by their scones, I think they probably would do an amazing pancake or french toast. I think their savoury items might be the weak link (and their shady hours).

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                              Shady hours indeed can't argue with you there..even when they're supposed to be open..only the chef is in the back..I like the whole menu...

                              Sorry mia..a caprese sandwich is just that...buffalo mozz, basil and tomato...it would be like f'ing up a bowl of corn flakes and not sure how you could expect much from it...The BLT was a top pick by The Star a while back (how i found it) for one of the best in the city (prosciutto instead of bacon & arugula instead of lettuce).. & The mini burger trio is probably the best mini burgers in the city...
                              For me, I like it there because the food is consistent, fresh and I don't feel gross afterward because of some sh"t the grill has been sprayed over and over with...or like my meal has been poached in grease...its simply good food. However despite the name Coffee Shop you're not getting my stamp of approval on the coffee!

                              My idea is to get the chef to set up shop in Leslieville and put bodums on the menu!


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                              Could you give us more information about this place? Such as location, website, if any?

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                                I recommend you not to make a special trip to go there; see this thread


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                                  Teep, the nurse is asking for more information on If, not Okay, Okay. Okay? :)
                                  Sorry I can't help though, never been to If.

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                                i agree with the no name, had great pancakes at the george street diner, they have new owners and everythings home cooked i give it a 9.5.

                              3. I had really good fluffy pancakes at the Calico Cats diner on Danforth just a few doors west of Donlands. They were certainly the best pancakes I've had in a while.

                                1. McDonalds pancakes are pretty good. Light and not overly thick ... three 4" pancakes with butter and syrup all for $2.50 ... not bad!