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Oct 28, 2007 07:32 AM

1st trip to Boston, need food suggestions

Hi all! What an incredible forum! Just found it this morning. We're traveling to Boston 11/10-11/12 (I know, Saturday to Monday, a little odd) and would like some suggestions on where to eat. We love to eat! We're interested in Italian in the North End, sushi, and trying some of that traditional Boston seafood. We also wouldn't mind some good bakery suggestions for breakfast. We don't need to go budget, but I know we're not interested in bringing the clothing for fine dining. Maybe something in between? Looking forward to your advice.

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  1. Hi, Debbie, and welcome to chowhound! What neighborhood are you staying in? That might help the city-savvy hounds get more specific.

    1. I love going to Mikes pastry in the north end. I get cannolis and florentines and whatever else strikes my fancy - always happy..
      A walk thru faneuil hall is a must. There is some great food hidden in a mostly food court type atmsophere. But if its a first visit the hall and waterfront area are a must do.

      1. For Seafood (and in the North End): Neptune Oyster.
        For Sushi: Oishii Sushi (several locations) or Shiki in Brookline
        I agree with bear that it would be helpful to know where you are staying for other recommendations. Enjoy your stay!

        1. Your best bet is always to do a site search, but here's a few quick thoughts.

          For North End possibilities:

          For seafood, I'd suggest Neptune Oyster or B&G Oysters, a little expensive but worth it.

          For sushi, with my thoughts in first reply (best to worst covered):

          and would add O-Ya as ultra expensive but excellent, Douzo as good, Sushi Express in Brookline as middle ground, and Shino on Newbury Street as being fair at best.

          Bakeries -- that'll depend on where you are and what you want. Specifics, please.

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            Ooops, sorry, didn't think about that. We're either staying downtown or Back Bay. I know this is Chowhounds, but if you want to comment on that too, feel free.

            1. re: debbie421

              We just booked rooms at Nine Zero in the Financial District.

          2. North End Favorites

            Upscale Italian: Prezza onFleet St.
            Italian/American: Fiore's on Hanover St.
            Traditional Italian: Antico Forno on Salem St.

            French: Petit Robert on Commonwealth Ave near Kenmore Sq. Nice bistro atmosphere, reasonable prices and very casual.

            Sel De Terre for very good French in a casual dining atmosphere.


            East Ocean City for very good Chinese style seafood.

            The Peach Farm for good seafood as well as other great Chinese food.