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Oct 28, 2007 05:38 AM

One night in New Orleans

Greetings from northeast Wisconsin!
Taking the family on a cruise Mid-January, leaving from New Orleans, arriving the day before the cruise.
We will be staying 2 blocks from the Quarter at Le Richleu.
We are all adults (5 of us) and truly love good food.
Where would you go that has entrees at around the $20 level with good seafood and perhaps a decent steak?
Where would you then go to have a drink and enjoy some jazz and/or blues after dinner?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Le Richelieu is still in the quarter. That price point is a little difficult in the area, the Quarter has lots of high end places around $30/entree, and lots of dives for a lot less. I might suggest catching a cab up Esplanade to Cafe Degas. They have a great filet, and always have fish on the menu (really, any restaurant in town will have fish on the menu). Then come back down to Frenchman St. and find some music to suit. You could also go to Adolpho's on Frenchman St. Very good italian, it is upstairs from the Apple Barrel bar. Kind of divey but my parents (from Iowa) thought it was great. They also will have lots of seafood on the menu, not sure about steak, but I think so.

    1. If you are looking for a serious meal-deal, I would recommend "Crazy Johnnies" in Fat City in Metairie (about a 25 minute cab ride). Great inexpensive steaks (Filet, Ribeye) and MONSTEROUS 8-10 count (N.O. Style) BBQ that are nothing short of wonderful. (8-10 count = 8-10 shrimp/lb). Get a full belly then walk it off on Frenchman Street and listen to some great music. Even with the cab, it's hard to beat these prices.

      See link to their website and menu w/ prices

      1. Unless you want to up your price point, I'd suggest a casual meal at Coop's and then some live music in the Faubourg or next door at Molly's.
        Other ideas:
        Rio Mar in the Warehouse District, Luke in the CBD or cabbing Uptown for a straight-up "ersta" blow out at Casamento's.

        1. Jacques-Imos is right around that price point, great food, plenty of drinks and the Maple Leaf is right next door for music.

          1. Port of Call is nearby, it has great burgers and a decent steak. Bar atmosphere, but funky & fun & affordable.