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Oct 28, 2007 05:01 AM

anything new in the White Plains/Port Chester/Rye area?

We are planning our monthly girls night out and I wanted to try someplace new. I always end up making the recco as I usually dine out more often than my friends and I am stumped. We've done Nessa, Watermoon, Sunset Grille, Lexington Square Cafe, Blue and many more but I know there have been a bunch of new places arriving on the scene lately in mid-westchester and I have been focusing more on CT lately so any ideas????? I am open to any type of food and price is not an issue - just as long as it can handle a table of 8.


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  1. I have been really addicted to F.I.S.H lately, I want to try every single thing on the menu it is awesome! But not really "new"

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      that has been around for ages and is definitely yummy - we used to go all the time but it has fallen off my radar with so many newer places to try but thanks for reminding me of an oldie but goodie!

      1. re: KarenNYC

        Hi Karen - note on Nessa - someone on another thread said the chef left and that after many excellent experiences they've now had a decidedly mediocre one. Have you been lately? Have you heard anything?

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            Now, according to another hound it seems he's back. Maybe he was... I don't know... on vacation? Not sure what to make of it - see thread below MRS.


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        Agree with going to F. I .S. H. Went in Sat nite, great food. They've enclosed the deck ( and enlarged) and have heaters so you can enjoy the views. They were having a halloween party and band, lots of FUN!!

      3. In White Plains, Trotters closed and is now Peniche, a tapas place owned by the same chef owner, and another place will open called '42' in the Ritz Carlton (not open yet). Peniche looks very hip.

        There are a couple new Italian places too, La Bocca on Church St and Antipasti on 1 North Broadway. Coughlan's American Bistro closed and is now Prophecy, some sort of new american joint. dont know how they are.

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          Had a great meal at La Bocca 2 weeks ago. The atmosphere is nice, the food was tasty. Service left a lot to be desired, especially considering how uncrowded it was on a Sunday night!

          Regardless, I recommend checking it out.

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            I haven't been, but I've heard La Bocca is pricey considering the quality of the food. Your thoughts?

            1. re: Wizzapizza

              I wasn't as conscious of that because someone else picked up the tab. I would say that the price is a little high, but not out of reach.

              1. re: craiger1ny

                I am at La Bocca a couple of times a week...since they opened and love the place. I think the food is excellent. I don't really find it pricey for a fine restaurant. Once you get to know the owner, you are one of the family.

                Antipasti is not opened as of yet. Their grand opening is set for Nov. 15th. They better hurry up. They are working like crazy to have it ready. They have done a beautiful job on it, but it has a little ways to go.

        2. Been to Morgan's in Rye? Little pricey, but excellent seafood. Same owners/operators as Ruby's and Rye Grill/Bar, but better food. Been a bunch without a bad meal.

          1. if copa cabana is open in Port Chester, it might be worth a try. No one on the boards here has tried it yet, but it looks like it's going to be an upscale churrascaria in the space of pantanal (next to paleteria fernandez). A recent post here said it was going to be $30 per head for, presumably, unlimited meat (and possibly salad)... depends on how they run it there.

            If you go, definitely let us know how it is.

            - Adam

            1. This might be a crazy rec, and I've never eaten there myself, but recently I had a friend tell me that Legal Seafood (WP) was quite good. The reason I mention this is because her father owned a seafood restaurant for over 40 years (in westchester) and he gave Legal his stamp of approval. They say the selection is always freah and tasty.

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                It's not crazy bosun. When I was in Boston many years ago Legal was a local seafood restaurant located in The Boston Park Plaza that had, I believe, only one other location in the suburbs. It was a very good, well-reviewed seafood place with fresh, tasty food. We didn't eat there often because my uncle was the executive chef at another quality seafood restaurant in Boston but the few times we did go to Legal we were pleased.

                Many years later when I lived in Miami for a time, I was shocked to find out Legal had become a chain with a restaurant in Broward County.We went a few times - it was the only place we could find to get real steamers - Ipswich clams not steamed hardshells and one of the few that served quality Maine, not Florida -lobsters and fried whole clams - with bellies - New England style seafood. All the food was fresh and most of it still quite good.

                Now in Westchester I've only been to the WP Legal once and we did have a very good meal. Considering the dearth of solid seafood places in Westchester particularly at less than exhorbitant price points, I'm not surprised to hear the recommendation.

                Generally, I dislike chains and franchises for a multitude of reasons but imo, Legal is not a bad option at all.