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Oct 28, 2007 04:07 AM

pho 83 in shakopee [MN]

on a friend's recommendation I had dinner at Pho 83 in Shakopee. Had the Chicken with lemongrass. Delicious, cooked perfectly. Four groups of Vietnamese diners. On County Rd 83 near Canterbury Park. Strip mall near Culvers.

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  1. Has anyone tried their Pho and comment on quality, quantity, and price?

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    1. re: dave43

      It's really really good, trust me you wont regret eating there!

      1. re: tralala001

        We just ate there for the first time yesterday, overall it was solid, I had the beef and meatball Pho, and the Pork sandwich (AWESOME!!!!) we also shared the Vietnamese Egg rolls(on par with the best I've had). The wife had the chicken rice noodle soup, after she had doctored it up, it was pretty darn good. We've eaten at Jamine deli a bit, IMHO Jamine's soup is better (is anyone chicken broth/soup better???), but we agree this is an acceptable option in place of Jasmine, good parking, and easy to get to. We didn't order any chinese food, I've seen some mixed reports on that, not that it's bad, just not great. Value wise I thought it was decent. They do have a website and menu online.
        We would eat here before going to Quang's for soup and Banh mi . The wife seen me posting this and suggested we go back for dinner... lol

        Service wasn't great it wasn't bad either, I just don't think they feel the need to be attentive, They were great to answer questions, and suggest items, though you may have to catch their attention if you wanted something. I guess I don't totally know how to say it, other than we left 20% tip as we normally would for respectable service.

        I forgot my Inlaws also visited the place on our suggestion, they got different egg rolls (we think), potstickers and chicken Pho ( I think) , and they weren't impressed, but they didn't listen to our suggestions either...

        1. re: mnxd9

          Only tried the Pho but it was good.

          1. re: mnxd9

            I quickly looked at the menu and saw a few kinds of eggrolls. Which ones did you like?

            1. re: karykat

              Anyone else have a review? I think I will try this place again this weekend and sample other dishes besides Pho. The Com Dia (Broken rice w/ meat) looks interesting as does their Bun (Vermicelli salad)They say their cook is from Vietnam. Too bad they don't make Banh Xeo.

              1. re: dave43

                Got the Vermecelli w/ pork and Jasmine rice w/ Duck, Grilled Pork Bahn Mi, and the rice paper spring roll. Both entrees were good...not great but definitely in the ballpark of the Eat street restaurants. I was not a fan of the Bahn Mi though. They stuck the french roll in the oven so it was all hard. My favorite part of Banh Mi is the rolls crispy inside and soft inside. IMO it is a crime to bake the roll.

              2. re: karykat

                Vietnamese egg rolls, sorry should have specified...
                The french rolls I had I thought were very good, I didn't get and oven dried one.... maybe luck of the draw maybe they forgot about yours a bit, can't say for sure. We'll probably head back again in the next couple weeks.

                1. re: mnxd9

                  So, I have decided their Bin mah (sp?) are indeed the best sandwiches in cities, possibly this world, recently compared them to Jasmine's deli's and the are much better at PHO 83.

                  On the other hand they are rather stupid about how they go about things, they run out of buns for the sandwiches all the time, yet they refuse to order more of the buns (from a French bakery in St.Paul, don't know exactly where) So they ran out of buns last Saturday, and didn't get more in until today, we being addicted to them have called everyday since sat....

                  Very dissapointing, but the sandwiches were fantastic today.

                  1. re: mnxd9

                    mnxd9, o you mean banh mi sandwiches, or is bin mah a completely other kind of sandwich that I need to know about? Either way, if you're saying that Pho 83's sandwiches are better than Saigon's bahn mi, then I do need to get over there. Please clarify! Thank you!


                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      TDQ - I've had the Banh Mi's at Pho 83 and I can't say it was better than Saigon. I'm not an expert on Banh Mi's but all I can say is that the sandwiches at Saigon were tastier than the ones at Pho 83. I do wish that Pho 83 made sandwiches that were comparable (or better) to Saigon so that I don't have to drive from Chaska to St Paul when I get a craving for Banh Mi's. Please do report back if you go. Maybe they have improved within the last couple of months.

                      1. re: rjayasuriya

                        Well I would have to say to stick with what rjayasuriya says at this point, I need to find me some sandwiches from Saigon's (Haven't been there yet). Still personally I find I like them much better than the Bahn Mi's from both Jasmine's or Quang's. Then again I'm far from an expert, I'm pretty new to these tasty sandwiches.

                        Saigon's I suspect is the one on university? I'm sure If I happened to mention it to the wife, it would be our next trip out, Kid friendly?

                        Yeah I butchered the spelling LOL, I probably should've looked it up... :)

                        1. re: mnxd9

                          Oh, no worries about the spelling. I was pretty sure you meant banh mi, but since you spelled it properly in your first post in this thread, I sincerely thought you knew of a sandwich I didn't!

                          Saigon is indeed on University Avenue in St. Paul. Nearish to Dale. Their deli is set-up so you can easily get sandwiches to go, though, of course you can eat in, too. Their credit card machine hadn't been working for the longest time, so, bring check or cash just to be safe.


                          1. re: The Dairy Queen

                            Guess where we went to lunch? :)

                            Saigon, it was really good, overall we both agree the soup (pho) was great and the Banh Mi's were also good, the bread does seem to be different than Pho 83's, overall I say Pho 83 I think was a denser roll, Saigon's were lighter and airier, that being said I still wouldn't over rule that they aren't the same... I Don't know enough and haven't eaten enough to know for sure. We tried a Grilled Pork and a Grilled chicken along with something like a b4 and a b11. Now I can't say the grilled pork or chicken were bad, but in both my wife's and my opinion Pho 83 has better (tastier) meat on their respective sandwiches, but I find no flaws. I just finished off one of my either b4 or b11 Banh mi's ( really they are about the same either way) and it was outstanding, I was going to only eat half, as I finished my last bite I was already heading to grab the other half. Honestly we've only ever had the grilled pork or chicken at Pho 83, so I can't fairly compare the b4/b11 to a similar item at Pho 83, I'll make note to try something similar next time.I can't say for Saigon, but I have noticed Pho 83 to be somewhat inconsistent on their Banh mi's where they go from the best sandwich I've ever eaten in my life to a good sandwich.

                            IMHO the Banh mi's we've had at Pho 83, are still our favorites (providing we can actually get them), but we're far from experts or anything, we've probably only consumed around a total of 20 Banh mi's from various locations. It also might just be that we've had more from Pho 83 than anywhere else and have grown accustom to theirs....

                            I preferred the Pho at Saigon to the pho at Pho 83 the wife's seems equally happy between Jasmine deli, and Saigon. The only downside for us to Pho 83 is they use a little more anise than we prefer, neither of us like black licorice, and can only take anise in light moderation, though I find it bothers me less the more I eat it.

                            Couple years ago the wife and I kind of did a Twin cities BBQ comparison, I think we on a mission to compare local Banh Mi's

                            1. re: mnxd9

                              Last time I went to Pho 83 the manager actually told me they bake their rolls. They must do this to old rolls. The produce they use is usually questionable also. Last time I had a vermecelli that had greens that were brown and slimy. I want to like this place but have been dissapointed.

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