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Oct 27, 2007 11:28 PM

Best British Pickle [moved from UK board]

OK.. I'll confess. I was very hungry going home from a shopping expedition in Kingston last week and got one of the 'small' sandwiches (I think they're new) at a Pret A Manger.
It was cheese and pickle and really hit the spot, but I don't think the pickle was Branston's, and I really liked how it tasted. Are there other brands better, tastier? Does anyone know what Pret A Manger uses (I know, I know....). Do you have a favorite?

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  1. My pickles and chutnies are usually homemade or bought from our nearby farmers market so I don't often buy branded stuff.

    Branston is the clear market leader and is almost THE classic cheese and pickle sandwich. I'm a great fan of Tracklements Ltd which you can normally find in good specialist food shops or mail order from:-

    Their Farmhouse Pickle is, IMO, superior to Branston as it's not quite as sweet.

    And, if I may give them a further plug, try their Tomato & Pepper Ketchup - a spicy "grown-up" alternative to the usual. And, their Cranberry and Port Sauce is great as a sauce with turkey (or whatever) - I also use it as a base for a quick sauce for, say, duck, with the addition of red wine and lemon or orange juice (a bit like Cumberland Sauce, if you know that Brit classic).


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      Thanks for the tips, John. Tracklements has a nice website, and I noted they sell the products at a few places quite close to me. I'll definitely give their things a try. I think what I liked least about Branston's is the chunks of cauliflower in it.

    2. My favorite is BranstonĀ“s. So far... It is quite strong though, so, 4 me, a jar always lasts a long time...

      It is quite hard to find here in Spain, so whenever I see it in a supermarket I get a couple of jars...DELICIOUS!

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        this isnt much help, but the duchess of devonshire used to make (well, had made for her anyway) the best ginger and chilli pickle i've ever eaten. it was truly incredible. you could get it from the chatsworth farm shop, which does some good game as well if you ever get the chance to go there for a day out. got to love the peak district.

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          Make your trip to Chatsworth on the last Saturday of the month and combine it with a visit to Bakewell Farmers Market. My guess is you'll shop more at the market than the farm shop.

          ('tis nice to see these old threads revived - I fondly remember my previous incarnation as "Brit on a Trip" - which I used when planning my last holiday across the pond )

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            don't know about pickle but just found the most delicious piccalilli in a farm shop near Newbury, Berks....home made and delish! Farm is called Christmas Farm and is in Enbourne. Not sure if they are selling over the net yet though

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              You're right about bakewell farmers market. bakewell pies are awesome.

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                "bakewell pies are awesome"

                Only awesome in how much sweet sickliness you can cram into such a small object. IMO, of course.

                However, keeping on the pickle/chutney theme, there are a couple of small producers at the market and there's also a Country Markets stall (Country Markets is what used to be the Women's Institute stalls - before they went semi-commerical and allowed blokes in). CM stalls are always a very good bet for preserves (I often buy james and marmalades at Ashton under Lyne)

        2. You can get squeezy containers of Branston Pickle which are specially made for spreading on bread thereby alleviating the big chunks of cauliflower problem.

          1. Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range has a tasty beetroot chutney pickle. Good with different types of cheese and ham.

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              Since a trip to the Lake District last spring, I've been ordering great jams, pickles, and other things from the Hawkhead Company. Their products are just fantastic.


            2. Since this thread has come alive again, I have to mention the amazing homemade piccalilli they now make at the Delifonseca in Liverpool. Definitely worth getting a few tubs if you are in town (and they have two branches now).

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                  And with cold roast pork or a good pork pie ...