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Apr 26, 2006 01:02 AM

China Bee in San Mateo?

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Hidden in last week's stinky tofu thread were some interesting recs for China Bee in San Mateo. Other dishes here that 'hounds love?


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  1. All their Mandarin dishes are pretty good. I can't recall what standout exceptionally as I have not been going to that area for awhile. They also have soya bean milk and chinese donuts on weekends. I must say their food is more authentic than the name or the decor of the restaurant. Not quite as good as Joy in the Froster City, though.

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    1. re: maoliu

      Although, I am far from a chinese restaurant expert, my fiance is Chinese. We will usually go for lunch on Sunday, we usually get noodle dishes, ZhaZang (sp?) or spicy beef noodle.

      I see ALOT of people get this rice roll thing in plastic wrap. I forget what it is at the moment.

      I think maoliu is correct in that the place does everything moderately well. Definitely one of the better restaurants in the area.

      I've never tried Happy Cafe, so I can't compare there.

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        The rice ball or roll you're referring to is fan-tuan. Chinese crullers with pickled radish and pork sung (dried sheredded pork) wrapped in sticky sweet/short grain rice.

        You can find them at most hot food service area in 99 ranch market for $1.75.

        Sounds like China Bee is a winner.

        1. re: theSauce

          Here's a link to Margret's old post saying she used to like the beef noodle soup. Anyone tried it recently?


    2. Had a very nice late lunch at China Bee recently. The noodles in the beef soup are long, irregularly cut, fresh and toothsome. The wait person says it is made specially for the shop. Well flavored broth, slightly spicy (hot) with 4 chunks of beef tendon and couple stalks of bok choy. A winner. Stinky tofu is good. Crunchy and tasty. Also liked a stir fried shredded pork with kansi with a few slivers of bell peppers and chives. Well balanced flavor texture and great wok hay. The dish was devoured in seconds!

      Will definitely be back.

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      1. re: الشره

        Gosh, I'd completely forgotten about this place. Beef noodle soup sounds great. There's a photo of it on Taiwan Insights. Still haven't been there, will have to remedy that soon!

        China Bee
        31 S B St
        San Mateo, CA 94401
        (650) 348-1889

      2. These were the two dishes I had when we went recently -- stinky tofu and beef tendon noodle soup.

        Tendon was melt in your mouth, noodles had a nice chewy consistency. Broth was kind of bland and not very deep.

        I liked the stinky tofu but don't have much to compare it to.

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        1. re: Radical347

          How was the stinky tofu prepared? Steamed, deep-fried, cold and salad-like . . .

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            It was deep-fried, topped with a small amount of sauerkraut and served in a shallow vinegary sauce.

            1. re: Radical347

              Thanks, I'm not a fan of stinky tofu myself. But I've found the fried prep the most palatable of the various ones I've tried.