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Oct 27, 2007 08:57 PM

Mexican food, Oakland

Anyone have any recommendations for GOOD Mexican food in Oakland? Preferably somewhere we can sit down and eat, and not on International Blvd.

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  1. You might want to give more detail as to the type of Mexican you are looking for. Dona Tomas & Tacubya (Berkeley) are very good but more at the high end. Are you looking for high end, authentic, etc.

    1. Your requirement that the restaurant not be on E 14 St (by which, I'm guessing, you mean no East Oakland?) is a quite substantial restriction.

      1. Do a search on Tamarindo in downtown Oakland. Upscale, small plates...not on International.

        1. Mexicali Rose.

          In Alameda: Juanita's, La Pinata and the Acapulco.

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            I was going to recommend Otaez, which is also in Alameda, and is better than the three you mentioned. Just the other side of the Webster tube from downtown Oakland.

          2. La Estrellita is a family owned, large sit down place, very authentic with a tequila bar also. 5th and E. 12th, easy to get to off 880. Nice people.

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            1. re: JAYZMOMM

              That's 1 block from International, might still be in the taboo area. =)

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                I'd second La Estrelllita for a sit down place--more than burritos. Great food, easy parking, and love the margaritas. It is also a good place if you have kids.