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Oct 27, 2007 08:56 PM

Fried grasshoppers?

Does anyone know of any chicago area places that currently serve fried grasshopper tacos? Just got back from mexico and had my first experience which I would like to repeat soon. I know tepatulco has an appetizer with grasshoppers on it, but I'm specifically looking for the plain tacos with grasshopper filled goodness. Ideas?

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  1. No suggestions? How disappointing. I've heard they are common in Thailand so maybe it is included on a thai menu.

    1. I can't confirm if they are there, but Maxwell street vendors may. I say this upon recently reading a site about the eyeball tacos offered there.

      1. They serve them minced up and fried with a lot of salt and chiles at La Oaxaquena, but not in tacos, more almost like a condiment that you sprinkle on other foods. They are REALLY salty, too salty to be in a taco. But maybe they would prepare them differently upon request.